I’m Planning to Find Noah’s Ark

It was the summer of 2007. I was in undergrad and taking two fast paced, upper-division math classes, differential equations and analysis. I was studying like crazy, holed up at Borders (Moment of silence for Borders, may you rest in peace) drinking endless coffee or at my parent’s house and working through proofs and problems – QED. When I was at home studying I would usually have a History Channel documentary running for background noise. I would DVR them and rewatch them obsessively while I studied. There was one that stuck, like it touched a part of me in a way that few others have. It was a Histories Mysteries on Noah’s Ark. Watching this doc was like a collision of worlds for me at the time…my spiritual world colliding with a world of adventure and a world of science

One story that really touched me was of the the french explorer Fernand Navarra and his teenage son. They went up on the mountain in the 50s and brought down wood (Though there is controversy over the age of the wood). Stop for a second here…regardless of the dating of the wood, what a great initiation exploration into growing up as an adult of God, going out with his dad to find Noah’s ark. Man vs nature, 14,000’+ conquering a rugged mountain and brutal weather conditions to search for whatever has been preserved of some of our earliest history of our relationship with God. Wow. That’s something I would treasure for the rest of my life.

I’m 29 years old now. I have 3 kids (soon to be 4, if God wills it!) I have a lot more resources at my disposal then when I was 19. This is no longer a fantasy. I can actually make it reality. And I am planning to do just that. And I’m planning on taking my kids who will just be entering life as a young adult.

I’m planning to be on site in ~7 years. I have already started recruiting some members to be apart of the expedition team. We’re going to start extensive research from our side beginning now to the next 3/4 years. I want to have a specific target location(s) ready for excavation and testing when we arrive.

A little backgrounder


Mount Ararat is in far western Turkey on the boarder with Armenia, not too far away from Iran either.

The Ararat anomaly, as it has been named in the intel world, has been documented by a number of satellite and flyby photos.

First taken by the DOD in 1949 by an USAF recon flyby


Poarcher Taylor, a professor of paralegal studies  at the University of Richmond and senior associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, has led a lot of the charge for more detailed satellite imagery of the site over the past several decades. His FOIA requests have allowed the public to see some of the classified DIA imagery of the Ararat Anomaly (inlcuding the 1949 photo above). He is continuing to push for more detailed commercial satellite imagery of the site.

DigitalGlobe’s QuickBird satellite in 2003


The Ararat Anomaly is at ~15,000 feet up on the northwest side of the mountain. It measures a little over 1,000 feet in length, as best can be inferred from satellite imagery.  The anomaly is located on a place called the Western Plateau of the mountain.


There are a number of “recent” eyewitness accounts dating back to the 19th century. There are conflicting reports, however, some saying that the ark is now in the Ahora Gorge instead of being on the western plateau, where a waterfall is cascading off the ark into the gorge floor below. Several US military personnel in the 70s, one during an intel mission, claimed to have seen the ark as well in the eastern side of the Ahora Gorge.

Barry Setterfield’s pic from Richard Bright, 1990s. Several eyewitness say the ark is at the top of the waterfall.


All this to say, the research side of the work is not complete. There are also some arguments made that the ark is off the mountain altogether and one, from Bob Cornuke, that it is actually a little further east in Iran. However, I want to do it! 🙂  So, the research will begin stateside and then when the time is right, we’ll put boots on the ground to hopefully find it! Also, a quick disclaimer…since I haven’t gotten into the serious research phase yet, a lot of what I wrote above ^ I will probably come to conclude is either true or false, or maybe it’s all false and it’s located somewhere else or has been destroyed altogether.

But, it’s the adventure 😉

God bless you my sisters and brothers!


21 thoughts on “I’m Planning to Find Noah’s Ark

    1. Thanks Sarah! That’s going to be the tricky one if we do think it’s there on Mt Suleiman. But Cornuke and his team went in 2006, so they must have has governmental access to the site and it had to have been safe enough to do a research site. But a lot can happen in 10 years, so we’ll have to vet that out.

      I think now that it’s probably going to be Ararat, which is in Turkey. But not sure if there are ISIS sympathizers or PKK fighting in the area (I’m not up to speed on the geopolitical situation inside turkey proper).

      God bless you too!!

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    1. btw how are you doing?! Things are better with me…I think last week was just a tough spot with me and God and he needed to bring me through it. It’s so much better now. He’s good, he’s really good 🙂

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  1. That is soooooooo cool! What inspiration! I love your enthusiasm and excitement for Jesus and life! I’m inspired by that. It’s what makes your blogs so great! Blessings on your adventure!

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    1. Wow, you just put a big smile on my face! that is so nice of you Johanna 🙂 thank you so much! That made my day. Seriously. I’ve really enjoyed connecting with you on here in the blogging world.

      I’m excited to do it!! I can’t wait! It’s been an adventure I’ve wanted to go on for a long time. It’s going to be fun!! And maybe, just maybe, we’ll find the ark!

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    1. Hey BJ, I remember watching you on the History Channel doc when I was in college! I remember you!! That doc is what first started my interest in the search for Noah’s ark in the first place. So cool. Thank you for reaching out to me. You have a fantastic resume on the search for the ark. I watched the keynote on your site. Very interesting!! I’ll need to digest the content you have on the boundaries of Uratu with what the author of Genesis was referencing when he said it came to rest on the mountains of Ararat. I dug into some of the content you have here (http://www.noahsarksearch.com/urartu.htm), but will need to process before I could formulate questions. I see what you are getting at though, it’s very interesting. BTW I can’t find the History Channel doc anywhere! Any recommendation of a good place to find a copy? (either online or to order?) Thanks! Joel


      1. I understand, many of my friends and co-researchers hang more onto urartu than the scripture that says men moved “from the east”. I get that, but once you move from the lack of evidence for Mt. Ararat, Iran makes more sense for the Ark’s landfall.

        History’s Mysteries: The Search for Noah’s Ark
        Television Program
        May 2004


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