That Time Last Weekend When God Wouldn’t Let Me Believe a Lie

1 Peter 1:12,

So I will always remind you of these things, even though you know them and are firmly established in the truth you now have.

It was late Saturday night. I had hit rock bottom of a trough in this wave I’ve been riding the past week. I was sad. I was crying. I was really struggling. I was texting someone and…quick pause here, when I get sad, sometimes I will say bad things about myself. It’s a really bad sin and I just deflate and I know Jesus doesn’t like it…so I was texting someone and I typed out in the middle of this long text, “I am a jerk.” And you know what, my phone wouldn’t type jerk out. It kept autocorrecting it. Guess what it autocorrected to? It typed out “hero.” Yeah, I’m starting to cry right now. I told that to my wife and she just went, “wow.” Yeah, not sure why a phone would autocorrect “jerk” to “hero,” but mine did. I know God was speaking to me, correcting me, holding me and telling me sweet things. That’s how he looks at me πŸ™‚ And it changed everything. I had forgotten for a couple days. As Peter said, it’s good to always be reminded of the truth. It is. Because we are frail and human and stubborn and we just forget.

My God, my Beloved, my Everything, my Jesus thinks I’m a hero. That changed everything right there. How he viewed me became how I viewed myself.

And that’s how he views you too. I was in a dark and sad place last week and Jesus came and told me something really sweet about myself and how he views me. No matter where you are, your Father thinks really sweet things about you too. He thinks you’re a hero and a heroine too. He does. He wants you to value yourself at all times, because of how you are loved by him.

I really hope you know how much you are loved today πŸ™‚ I really do. I think I learned it a little more myself the past several days, when God took my sad face in his hands and said, “You are not a jerk. You are a hero.” His words change everything. Jesus changes everything.

You’re awesome because of him.

Bless you so, so much!


8 thoughts on “That Time Last Weekend When God Wouldn’t Let Me Believe a Lie

  1. Ha!!! That’s amazing … my autocorrect usually spouts gibberish and my daughter who is normally the recipient, has learned to interpret LOL!!

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    1. I know right?! I loved it πŸ™‚ mine usually spouts gibberish too haha! It’s usually something like a concatenation of a bunch of other recently used words. Phones are weird sometimes…they’re an inadequate substitute for the perfect transfer of information that will occur when we live with Jesus.

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      1. What makes me laugh is Ive had autocorrect put in vowel-less words … Im looking at it thinking … how is that a correct?πŸ˜‚πŸ€”

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  2. Wow! I can relate to you on talking down about myself when I get upset. I can really get on the self condemnation train tour. I sure hate to hear you were having a bad week. God sure was speaking life into you. Ethel Waters said “I’m made in the image of God and God don’t make no junk!” Thats the truth. I heard that in a sermon recently on self identity. And oddly enough I’m doing my blog on this on Thursday because this is an area I struggle. I really hope things are feeling better for you. Take heart!

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    1. Oh I’ve bought some tickets on the self condemnation train ride myself many a time. Thank you for always being so encouraging! πŸ™‚ I always love reading your comments Johanna. That is a great quote from Ethel Waters! That is the truth amen! I’m excited to read your next post on it! I struggle in this area too, not all the time, but when i am in conflict with others, especially family, then i buy my tix on the train. Things are a lot better now though, thank you! Bless you!! Hope you have a great Tuesday!

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