Is this weird? What do you think?

Is this weird? A guy knocks at the door. My wife answers it. It’s 6:30pm at night. I’m in the bathroom. He says he delivers meat for a neighbor and wanted to know if we would like to sign up. My wife says no, then he says I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t wake the baby up. And walks away. My wife didn’t have our baby with her and didn’t say we had a baby and there were no baby toys or anything else in his sight. Our 4 year old son was with her though and our cars were outside so he might have seen through the HEAVILY tinted windows the car seats. There’s no way from that interaction he could have known we have a baby. His disposition was pretty timid and he seemed apologetic and sincere. He seemed pretty socially awkward and maybe was referring to our older son. We checked with two of our three neighbors who know we have a baby already…one is out of town and the other met him as well and thought he was weird. Neither have meat delivery. We live at the back of a street, no houses around us, except down the street and we know the regular traffic, never seem him before.
But still…what do you think?

11 thoughts on “Is this weird? What do you think?

  1. Friend – you already know this visit from this guy was weird. Though it could be harmless sales trick or whatever… it was enough to make you stop and think twice (and actually publish the incident too), so if I were in your shoes, I would at the very least inform the police that it happened. I can’t say I’m sensing peace in your situation, so I would stay alert. Trusting the Lord doesn’t mean closing your eyes to possible dangers… as you already know very well. Stay safe dear.

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    1. That’s good advice friend. We might do that. I agree with Ame, if he it wasn’t a sales trick, he was probably canvassing the neighborhood. Could be worth making a report. And amen, God does want us to live life with eyes open! Thank you friend 🙂

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