Prayer Requests?

Hey everyone, is there anything I can pray with you over? I know many of us are locked in deep spiritual wars, emotional battles with our own hearts and minds and others, with our pasts and futures. I would love to join together with you to come before Jesus’ feet for your requests.

Have a blessed day!



PS Check out this interesting article from today’s Jerusalem Post on a 12th Dead Sea Scrolls cave recently discovered and their surprise to find that someone stole the scrolls that were inside the cave!

10 thoughts on “Prayer Requests?

    1. Jesus I pray for my brother, I pray you will bless his mind with extra ability to complete, and fully master, his thesis. I pray he will excel in this. I pray he will learn all that you want to teach him through writing his thesis. I thank you for his opportunity to achieve this degree in his life and pray you bless him with it afterward when he goes into the world. In your Son’s name, amen.

      Hey question, what major is your masters degree in? Bless you!

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  1. Hi Joel, I took a break from social media and did a fast, when I logged in I didn’t have any posts of my own, I must have deleted everything some how lol anyway I would appreciate if you could pray with me for my family, nothing real specific just having other Godly people agree in prayer means alot. Hope all is well with you and your family!

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    1. Hey Lee! So good to hear from you! I understand a social media fast, I’ve done that myself a couple times in the past and it can be very relieving, very good to refocus on Christ. Everything is going really well with our family, thank you! Not a whole lot to update on, we’re still stuck in a holding pattern for adoption. My babies keep getting bigger day by day. I’m starting work on a new novel and I’m actually making some progress, which is crazy considering how busy life can be with having a family. All things considered, it’s a wonderful life with Jesus. Hope all is well with your family as well. Let me pray with you:

      Jesus, I come before you with Lee to pray for her family. I pray for ever deepening revelation of your love to them, for continuation of their hearts being drawn ever deeper into yours, for all things in their lives to revolve around you at all times, for blessings upon their family, especially with your presence, but also in their matters and dealings in this world. I pray you will be near to them and that they will feel you close by. We love you Jesus and thank you for you, because you are just so wonderful. In your name, amen.


  2. what a gift this is. many years ago i had a different blog, and through that i met a young man in college. i was a single mom; my husband had recently left us. they were led by God to pray over us indefinitely – a covering. when God brought my new husband into our lives, He released them. the prayers of young men are powerful.

    please pray for my daughters; they’re in a transition season of their lives.

    thank you 🙂

    – – – – –

    Job 32 Job’s three friends refused to reply further to him because he kept insisting on his innocence.

    2 Then Elihu son of Barakel the Buzite, of the clan of Ram, became angry. He was angry because Job refused to admit that he had sinned and that God was right in punishing him. 3 He was also angry with Job’s three friends, for they made God[a] appear to be wrong by their inability to answer Job’s arguments. 4 Elihu had waited for the others to speak to Job because they were older than he. 5 But when he saw that they had no further reply, he spoke out angrily. 6 Elihu son of Barakel the Buzite said,

    “I am young and you are old,
    so I held back from telling you what I think.
    7 I thought, ‘Those who are older should speak,
    for wisdom comes with age.’
    8 But there is a spirit[b] within people,
    the breath of the Almighty within them,
    that makes them intelligent.
    9 Sometimes the elders are not wise.
    Sometimes the aged do not understand justice.
    10 So listen to me,
    and let me tell you what I think.
    11 “I have waited all this time,
    listening very carefully to your arguments,
    listening to you grope for words.
    12 I have listened,
    but not one of you has refuted Job
    or answered his arguments.
    13 And don’t tell me, ‘He is too wise for us.
    Only God can convince him.’
    14 If Job had been arguing with me,
    I would not answer with your kind of logic!
    15 You sit there baffled,
    with nothing more to say.
    16 Should I continue to wait, now that you are silent?
    Must I also remain silent?
    17 No, I will say my piece.
    I will speak my mind.
    18 For I am full of pent-up words,
    and the spirit within me urges me on.
    19 I am like a cask of wine without a vent,
    like a new wineskin ready to burst!
    20 I must speak to find relief,
    so let me give my answers.
    21 I won’t play favorites
    or try to flatter anyone.
    22 For if I tried flattery,
    my Creator would soon destroy me.

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    1. What a blessing for God to place that young man in your path during that time in your life. That’s wonderful. I love this passage from Job. And I’m honored to be able to pray alongside you 🙂 God bless you and your family Ame. Thank you 🙂

      Jesus, I pray for Ame’s daughters. I pray that during this season, while they are transitioning from one phase of life into another, that your hand will guide them lovingly into the next place you wish for them to be at in life. I pray their hearts,their minds and lives revolve around you, that while they are transitioning into this new place that their hearts will be drawn ever deeper into yours. That they will not be afraid, but will know that you are there with them in all things and at all times. Please fight for them, please carry them when they cannot walk, and please let their lives be lived out to worship you and bring joy to your heart. I also pray for Ame and her husband,for you to please equip them with whatever they need as parents to walk with their daughters in this time, with wisdom, understanding and patience, all from your Holy Spirit. Please bless their house with much joy and let them rejoice in the freedom you have given them through your Son. Thank you Jesus. In your name, amen.

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