Daddy Daughter Dance

Hey Everyone! Quick post from a proud daddy. This weekend was the daddy daughter dance! I just wanted to share a pic from me and a story.

I took my little princess to dinner at our favorite little Italian restaurant. Super yummy! Then we hopped over to the dance for a night of fun – and all you can eat brownies and cookies 😉 

My princess and I are HUGE daddy daughter dance fans! We go every year, and sometimes more than once to other cities dances around us. We’re going to at least one, maybe two, more this year! I love taking my sweet girl out on the town for a night of dinner and dancing! Dancing wore us out! We were dancing and jumping up and down like crazy all night! We had a BLAST!!

Hope you all had a blessed weekend! We did! Quick funny story…in my 4th/5th grade boys small group we were takling about atheletes. I’m bragging (of course) about how buff my arms are and the boys state telling me to flex my biceps to prove it. I tell them no, that if I did I’d rip my shirt and it’s a nice shirt. Well they keep on and eventually I roll up the sleeve and flex my arm. They all start laughing lol! One boy, in a calm and honest tone, says, ‘Your arms look like my mom’s.’

Wow, guess I need to focus on the strength training this week, huh? 😉

Maybe I’ll end up with this guy’s arms?

I have a great post planned for tomorrow. I got a couple award nominations from two of my favorites on WordPress. I’m gonna post those out tomorrow in a post so I’m excited for that – I’m running a little behind on accepting the awards!! 

Hope you have a great evening (or morning morning for my friends in Asia and Africa!) God bless you!!

How How was your weekend?

Your brother,


12 thoughts on “Daddy Daughter Dance

  1. hey there joel, weekend was alright. love the suit! youre a lucky man.

    i watched the 70s and 80s transformed from pro-dad eras to the anti-dad mess we are in now, so this is a great post. we live in a world where there is ample evidence of terrible parents, but bad dads are reported disproportionately, and bad moms are underreported in the media.

    im not saying one is more important than the other– for too long now, people have treated the mom as indispensable but dad as optional. im not saying every family has to look exactly the same, or that single parents cant ever be good parents. anything “political” i have to say about it, ive said already in this and the previous paragraph.

    where im going with this is quite simply this: 3 cheers for good dads– and it should be said a little more often. i hope you two had a wonderful time, and it sure looks like it. girls with good dads are going to find it a lot easier to grow up into well-adjusted and happy adults. youve done her a huge favor by showing that you care and being part of her life.

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    1. Hey thank you so much I really appreciate it. I agree sometimes we get the bad wrap (sometimes it’s deserved!), but fatherhood is such an important part of a child’s life. My dad was an INCREDIBLE dad, I see him twice or three times a week nowadays and he’s the best grandpa, I want to be the kind of dad to my kiddos that he was to me. And definitely agreed, involved daddies play such a huge role in their daughter’s lives. Changes a lot when the dads are involved and pursue their daughters hearts when their young and that rolls over to when they grow up. Good stuff. Really appreciate your kind words 🙂 hope your Monday is going well!!

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    1. Hey thanks so much Shelly! I totally agree. I love my girls! We do the daddy daughter sance every year, it’s turned into “our thing” we do and she loves it. Such a blast. It’s so great to see God in her even at such a young age. God bless you too!! 🙂


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