Love Spilling Out


I saw this quote once when we were at a checkup appointment with our midwife for our third born. It really struck me. You know the whole “haters gonna hate” thing that’s been around foreverrr. But there was something about those words just as a response to hate that is just so…comfortable. It feels good. It feels good to love others. Something about the honesty of, I wanna love, is just releasing and joyful and bare and hopeful and peaceful and wonderful and…you get the picture.

I’ve literally had times in my life where I’ve tried to run from it. From loving others. And you know, when you have a God who lives inside of you who is literally love (1 John 4:8) and you’re loving on him and worshiping him and adoring him body and soul, it is basically impossible not to love others. It literally spills out of me. It’s like trying to hold a water hose at full pressure from coming out and then it just bursts and gushes out into the air. You can’t hold it in. Even when I mess things up, when I say the wrong thing to someone, or I pick that argument with my wife, or I don’t have the required patience in a certain situation, it just kinda washes away down this unending torrent of love and grace and forgiveness once we ask him for forgiveness and step back into grace. I give that to Christ on the cross, I want to own his love. (Not that we aren’t called to be responsible for our actions to others when we do sin; we are absolutely called to be responsible to try to reconcile with our brother or sister when we sin – Matt 5:24. But our true identity we are to take on is in his love as image bearers of God – Gen 1:27 – not our sin – Eph 4:23-24)
It is feeling like you are in love, that high, that ecstasy, but all the time. It’s all flowing out of God’s Spirit who lives inside us. In those moments I wonder why I ever, ever think of stepping outside of this joy, this pleasure. To think that we get to spend eternity with God and with each other in a world of his love, literally spilling out and flowing out across the world…wow. Lovers gonna love…that’s what lovers of God do. They can’t help it, because God is love and God is in them, in us. We just gotta love! It’s who we are 🙂

Be loved today. Know it, feel it. Not from yourself, not just from someone or something else, feel it and know it in deep intimacy with Jesus. You’re gonna love it! You’re gonna smile, you’re gonna feel this warm joy coursing through your heart and body and mind and it’s all going to be Jesus’ love for you and those in your world just permeating you, it’s literally intoxicating. You’re oh so treasured 🙂 So go for it, jump into his world of love!


Your brother in Christ,





8 thoughts on “Love Spilling Out

    1. Yes! It’s a feeling of contentment that no matter what happens, or what is happening right now, it’s ok, because we are overwhelmingly loved and are safe in his loving arms.

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  1. This is AWESOME!!!! Crazy I just stumbled on this post of yours (through my stats) and I just wrote a post myself yesterday called “haters gonna hate, lovers gonna love” 😁 I love your description of love gushing out like a full hose, you can’t stop it! YES!!! THAT is the love of our God, beautiful, unending, can’t be contained, poured into us so we can pour it into others! 😍 reminds me of that song Multiplied by NeedToBreathe : “Your love is like radiant diamonds, bursting inside us, we cannot contain…” lovely post!!!

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    1. That is crazy! I just read your latest post, loved it!! And amen to all of this! We can’t stop letting his love out when we are filled with the Holy Spirit 🙂 I haven’t heard that song, I’ll need to check it out. Thank you so much!

      Hey quick blogger q…how can you see a post through stats? I wanna be able to do that!! Or do you have the premium stats package from WP?

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      1. You definitely need to check out that song, it really rings true to this thought and I bet you will like it! The love just keeps multiplying and bursting forth!!! ❤️❤️❤️ as to the blogger Q, it comes with the regular stats. It was down where it shows “Referrers” and “clicks” it lists if blogs have have had someone click to another blog from your blog or if someone was referred from another blog to your blog, often through comments/etc? I think I’m understanding how that works, lol, but your blog was listed there and I clicked and BAM, God took me straight to what I needed to read and when I needed to read it! Love it!!!!

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      2. I will do it tomorrow!! Amen, the love does just keep bursting forth…we had an amazing night at church tonight, can’t wait to blog about it in a couple days. It’s just like that though.

        Oh that makes sense!! Because usually I’ll click on your, or someone elses, profile on the most recent comment to check for a new post. I don’t spend enough time I guess just browsing my WP app reader, some posts fall in the cracks, so I’ll try to visit my regulars and favorites blogs every several days to catch up if I miss something 🙂

        Love how God did that with you there!! So cool!!

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      3. I do the same thing, clicking through comments. I wish I could read everything on everyone’s blogs, but there’s just not enough time! 😫 so I click around as well…and pray God leads me where I need to be! 😍 have a great weekend, Joel! 😁

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      4. I feel the same way! I have a ton of people I want to keep up with, read all of their stuff, and provide good comments on their stuff…yeah right lol, maybe if there were 30 hours in the day, that would happen. I try to keep up with the regulars though on a pretty regular basis and just be intentional there. But I’m not perfect at that! Hope you have a great Monday!! 🙂


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