Alright, Let’s Come Clean. Who’s an Angel on Here?

This might seem silly, but I really want to ask a question to see who responds. Is there anybody on here reading this who is an angel? Or anyone who has a story like Hebrews 13:2 they want to share…

Hebrews 13:2,

Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!

Seriously, if you are an angel, let’s end the masqerade ball…I would love for you to contact me via my contact page or comment below. If you are truly an angel. I’m not sure I’ll get any takers. I don’t need to talk to an angel or anything like that, seriously. I really only need Jesus. I’m really just posting this out of sheer curiosity. Because sometimes I wonder if one or two of the people I interact with on a semi regular basis, or even a random basis, are angels. And if so, here’s your chance to come clean.

Now that that’s over, for my fellow brothers and sisters I wanna here your your stories. Have you had an encounter with someone that you think must have been an angel? I have a good one myself…

We were at Epcot last month and my son was just breaking down while mommy and sister and the grandparents rode a ride that he wasn’t tall enough to ride (which we didn’t find out until right before we got to the line…it was hard for him! He was sad. Broke my heart!). He’s 4 and was in the middle a really rough time. A park worker, aka cast member, came over. Her name was Dina. She asked my son if he wanted a sticker and gave him one. Then she went back to her post standing at the ride line entrance. My son calmed down and we watched a show on my phone. She came over again and said because you calmed down you get an ice cream. Then she asked if he wanted to ride a different ride and I told her we wanted to do Test Track but we didn’t have a fast pass and the line was really long. So she wrote a ticket for him and our whole family as a fast pass. She was so sweet. She left and my son and I snuggled for a few minutes while we waited for the family to show up. I heard God tell me, ‘You need to tell Dina, God bless you. And mention my name to her.’ So I kept her in of the corner of my eye, where she was back in line to make sure I said thank you and God bless before we left. Well, the family arrived. I turned away from noticing Dina and told my wife what happened and then I turned around to point Dina out to my wife and she was gone. A 40 something year old man was in her place in line. 

Now maybe there was a quick shift change that I missed when I saw my wife approaching, and Dina just ran out of there. But I don’t know…at the least, I know Jesus loves my son, his son, so much that he’d send an angel or at least use a Disney park cast member to put a smile on his face.

So, that’s mine…what’s yours? 

Your brother in Christ,

PS one more contact request: John, not Eldredge, but John (John 21:22-33) if you are reading this, contact me. Let’s talk πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “Alright, Let’s Come Clean. Who’s an Angel on Here?

  1. ive met a few people that do a pretty convincing impression, along the lines of what you described.

    they dont stick around waiting for credit, or even thanks. its just who they are. the best part? we can do the same now and then.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. We can definitely give it a good try, definitely worth it too! I’ve learned that even a couple extra kind words, that might not seem like anything to us, said toward someone can change their whole day. Now, if we have that kind of power to uplift others, why in the world wouldn’t we use it?! Hopefully I can do it more!

      Hope you are doing well!

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  2. What a great post, Joel! I’ve had a few “encounters” in my life where I know God sent a angel to lift my spirits. First one that comes to mind and may seem very small, but I was having an awful day (funny, don’t remember why) and I was feeling so down like the no one cared. I was walking through the Walmart parking lot when this little girl in the shopping cart, small enough to be sitting in the top, gave me such a look and smiled. There was something so amazing and tender about her eyes! I mean, I’ve seen children smile before of course, but this was something special. I never forgot that…and that was a long time ago πŸ™‚ The other time, right after we had our little girl and I was falling apart in the hospital because I was TERRIFIED and had no idea how to be a Mom, how to even change a diaper (I was clueless…never been around little ones before and felt so embarrassed to even admit that to anyone). My husband had to leave for work while our little girl and I stayed on at the hospital for a few days. Anyway, a woman knocked on the door and came in. She wore a pale yellow turtleneck sweater and a gold cross. She asked me if she could pray with me. I said “YES!!!” She came in, placed her hand on me, and prayed while I just sobbed. She told me God was with me and would never give me more than I could handle. She left and I felt such a peace. Praise God for how He uses His angelic messengers to comfort us and uplift us when we need an actual physical touch! (And I have to say, your post really grabbed my attention because God led me to read about His angels this very morning…Daniel 10:12-13.) God bless!

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    1. Oh I love those stories. I can just imagine the child at Wal Mart. I’ve had several encounters like that, can’t remember any specific off the top of my head, but it was like either this person is an angel or God is really shining through them to me right now. Love the story from the hospital too. That’s pretty powerful!

      So cool that God led you to read about his angels in Daniel this morning. Great timing! He has a way of working that out doesn’t he?:)

      (I also had never changed a diaper when we had our first! So I hear you on that one. Now it seems that I can change one while walking and talking with someone with my daughter on my hip haha!)

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    1. Thanks Shelly! I’ve had several others myself than this one, each one though led my mind to Christ. Which I think is a great test to see whether it was legitimate or not.

      I actually almost pulled this one down after I posted it because I felt like people might interpret it to be focusing on angels instead of focusing on Christ, which I wasn’t trying to, it was really just that one verse in Hebrews. Plus I wanted to hear if anyone had some good stories to tell about any encounters they had!


    2. Hey Shelly, do you have comments turned off on your blog? I was going to leave some thoughts on your post but couldn’t find where to leave them.

      Since I couldn’t find it, I wanted to tell you…wow! That is so cool. That sounds like an angel in tattered clothes. Or at the very least God used a man in that spot to bring you to his Son. What a cool story!! What a great idea though to bring him breakfast. I like it, a lot. Great story πŸ™‚ (and thanks for the shout out!!)


  3. The one encounter that truly stands out to me is a few years back when I had my electric bike (they are very heavy in themselves) and my daughter in the child seat on the back of the bike. We were going downhill and suddenly my front wheel couldn’t turn left and on our right was a huge stone wall. I had to break of course, but the weight of the bike made it fall toward the right. My daughter was on the back and yes wearing a helmet, but she was a pretty big girl at the time with arms and legs sticking out, if you know what I mean. So, when the bike fell over I stick out my right arm and feel the back of the bike fall heavy to the ground… I though “YIKESS”… I broke my arm but that was all. Logically speaking, my daughter ought to have knocked her head, broken an arm, had bruises – but she didn’t have a single scratch!! She was perfectly fine. To this day I’m still pretty much in shock about that, but I have no doubt that angels were there to hold their hands under my daughter. 3 months later my arm was back to normal. Praise the Lord nothing more happened (of course, our vegetables looked seriously weird during those 3 months with my right arm in a cast!! but never mind that ;-))

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    1. Oh wow, sounds like Psalm 91:12, ‘they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.’

      So cool, I’ve had a number of occasions like that. Especially when driving, which could have ended up in a car accident but turned out to be nothing. Great story!!

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  4. I am pretty sure I encountered a few strangers who I am more then certain were angels and I have been called an angel by quite a few people in my life.. In my life angels tend to be where they are needed at the right time, then they just magically disappear. I would never say I am an angel. Just what I have been told. Random thought. Proverbs 27:2. Also I noticed help many strangers and many will perceive you as an angel. Just an observation I noticed in my life anyways! God bless you!

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    1. Hi Michelle! I love your thoughts there. I’ve noticed the same in my life. I used to hang out at coffeehouses all the time and I remember when I was a teenager at the most random times people who would come up to me and just start talking to me about Jesus in fellowship. It was an incredibly lonely time in my life so the conversation was always welcome. I always would think God sent an angel to minister to me…because it would totally change my day and uplift me.

      That verse from Prov 27:2 is good wisdom! I’ve had that one pop up in my mind a couple times over the years!

      I actually wrote this post originally in the hopes that someone that I regularly talked with on here actually was an angel. No dice. But it is neat how so many of us in the family of God have had similar experiences with people we suspect are actually angels.

      God bless you too! Good to meet you!

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