What the Death of Joseph Tells Us About God’s Plan

We don’t really know that Joseph, Jesus’ stepfather, actually died when Jesus was a teenager/young man. We do know he was absent from Jesus’ ministry. He could have just up and left Mary for another woman. But Matthew 1:19 says he was a man faithful to the Law, so it’s probably a good assumption that he probably died sometime before Jesus started his ministry.

So, put yourself in Mary and Joseph’s shoes before that happened. You are the step-parent and parent of Jesus, the Son of God. Your mission and God’s path for your life in this world are to raise the Son of God up as a child into becoming the Man who would save the world from its sins. Now if that doesn’t sound like job security, I don’t know what does.

Now fast forward to 5, 10 years from that moment. Maybe it was a hot summer day. Maybe Jesus was a teenager. Maybe Mary was preparing dinner and an out of breath coworker of Joseph’s came charging up to her door to tell her that her husband had fallen ill from a heatstroke and he was about to die and his fellow carpenters were carrying him home. What would be going through her mind? Doubt, fear, loss of understanding, feeling like your world, not just relationally, but spiritually, was being shaken? How could that happen if Jesus is the Savior? How could his very own stepfather die before Jesus’ time? That’s not logical! Why would God allow that? What would be going through Joseph’s mind has he lay there dying, seeing his beautiful wife’s face for the last time until they were reunited in Heaven, seeing Jesus’ lovely face for the last time on earth as his step father? Job security huh? No.

The Biblical fact is that we do not invent our own security. We do not invent our own path. We cannot carve that out no matter how hard we try, no matter how many inspirational memes from established Christian pastors and authors we post on Facebook. The cold hard fact is: God does not need you to accomplish his purpose in this world. He wants you! But he does not need you. In fact, God almost completely wiped out the Israelites after the Exodus (Deuteronomy 9:13-14). Even if Moses had not convinced God to spare Israel, God’s purpose still would have been fulfilled even if the chosen people had been destroyed.

So stop. Stop pretending to be the one in charge, you are not. You are human. Also, don’t brag about your own strength. Ecclesiastes 5:2, ‘Do not be quick with your mouth, do not be hasty in your heart to utter anything before God. God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few.’ The identity God has called you up into is a great and wonderful story line where he is the Main Character and you are his Beloved. He is your Rescuer and will rescue you. His heart desires you above all and he is making his people heirs of his entire Kingdom, yes you will inherit the Kingdom of God (Romans 8:17). That’s like a king coming to you and saying I am giving all of this to you one day. Wow. Not only that but he wants to satisfy your every desire of your heart through him (Psalm 37:4). He’s crazy about you. But it’s not about you, and it’s not in or through you own power. It’s about Jesus. Only Jesus.

Sorry, for being so absent on here friends! Hope everyone is having a blessed start to the new year! I’ve started work on my book and it’s really captivated my time away from blogging. I’ll try to check in once a week at least. I’m hoping for a finish date around August.

A couple updates on our end: we just finished respite foster care. We had a couple of new kids in our house for the week and we loved it. We’re seriously thinking about switching it up and doing more foster care going forward. It’s been cold and a little snowy/icy where I live. Which is just fine with me πŸ™‚

How are things with you? God bless!

9 thoughts on “What the Death of Joseph Tells Us About God’s Plan

    1. Hey Nanette! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I never did much either, but this morning I was hanging out with our youngest (and early riser) and this thought about Joseph just popped into my head, so as soon as it was nap time, I jotted it down. Glad you liked it!

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    1. Hey Lene! Sorry for the absence, and thank you for your kind words! Hope you are doing well πŸ™‚ how’s your new year coming? Blessings from cold America!!


      1. Hey Joel, I’m better than I have been for a long time, but still in a mess of things πŸ˜‰ It just never ends, does it!?! I wrote you a mail by the way. Perhaps you didn’t get it? Blessings from sunny Tokyo.

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      2. It never ends in some ways until we get home. Agreed! I don’t think I did, can you remail it plz? Blessings from a sunnier America, part of this week at least lol.


  1. This is the first time coming to your blog. I browse hundreds of blogs a day, and this one I stopped at because this article is one of those “God saying a lot by not mentioning something” followed by “putting your feet in the shoes of a Biblical figure” sort of lesson. I love it because it is complicated and deep and requires putting the force of our minds completely on Him to come to this sort of conclusion. Thanks for being awesome!

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