Greek Tutoring Lessons Available!

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a fantastic start to your week! I wanted to give a shout out and plug for my Koine Greek tutor Travis. (Check out his blog here) He currently has two spots open so if you are wanting to learn Biblical Greek, I highly recommend him! He is really affordable. I do two lesson per month, but he can do them up to weekly lessons if you are interested. The book we use was about $40 (The book is fantastic in itself). Our lessons are done over Skype. This guy is awesome. God has really used him through our lessons to grow my knowledge and understanding of the Word. Learning Biblical Greek is such a great experience and I wish everyone could do it. I’m getting closer to my personal goal of being able to read the entire Bible in Hebrew and Greek. Travis has been a big part of helping me purse that goal.

If you are interested, please comment below and I can help you get in contact with him! It’s a great opportunity to grow in understand of the Word through learning Biblical languages.

Hope you have a blessed day my sisters and brothers!


4 thoughts on “Greek Tutoring Lessons Available!

  1. Hi Joel. Hope you’re having a great day.
    Pray for me please. I’m going through tough times . I just lost a friend among other things that I can’t mention here. Maybe Jesus will answer your prayers. Thanks

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    1. Hi Sarah, I’m so sorry. I absolutely will keep you in my prayers today sister. I’m sorry.

      Jesus, we come before you today to worship you. You are wonderful. We adore you and love you. I come before you for Sarah. I ask that you will hide her in your arms to protect her from this storm raging all around her. I ask that you will rescue her, you are her Rescuer. You are her Savior. I pray for her friend. I pray if this person was lost physically that they are home with you now. I pray if this person was lost spiritually that they will be lead home to you Jesus and that they will not be deceived. I ask you to comfort your daughter please. We love you our Beloved Jesus.

      In your name, amen.

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