Monday Hello! – Meet N Greet

Hey my sisters and brothers 🙂 The Meet N Greet had some pretty good responses so I wanted to do another to kick off the new week.

How was everyone’s weekend? Love to hear how it went, what things you have going on this week, and if there’s anything we can keep in pray for you over! Also, I’d love to carve out a conversational space on these Meet N Greets, feel free to comment on each other’s stuff and meet one another. I think it’s a great idea to build each other up in our online blogging community for Chirst!

Annnd, today’s question, in addition to the weekend catchup:

  • Coffee or tea? And what are your favorites? Mine: I like to home roast coffee. My favorite region to get my beans from is Yemen, where the flavors are bold, smoky, almost sarsaparilla like with notes of berries and wine. Tea? Early grey with a splash of milk.

A couple highlights from me:

  • I just posted a discussion on The Apocrypha, which has been a friendly side conversation on WP that morphed into a full blown post. Actually, it’s more of a logical puzzle. Check it out if you have a few minutes!
  • Prayers please for the homeless community. This is something that has been on my heart recently. Our homeschool co-op is putting together little love baggies to hand out to the homeless in our community. It’s getting colder and colder in our neck of the woods and there are a lot of people on the streets in this winter. Take action too if you can in your area!
  • I finally got to 3rd declension nouns in my Koine Greek class. Learning Greek has been a stout task, but it’s coming along nicely. God’s word is so beautiful!
  • I’m actually planning on writing a novel starting in January. I had a lot of good feedback on an end times short that I wrote around the beginning of November. After a quick project scope review, I think I can be finished mid-summer of 2017.
  • Random thought: this week and/or next is finals week. I hope it goes well for all of our students out there! One of my best friends is working through his junior year as a philosophy major. Needless to say, I haven’t gotten to talk with him much these past several weeks! I miss college myself. One of my hardest finals weeks ever was December 2007. I was taking Combinatorics, Partial Differential Equations, Modern Physics, and a couple other physics classes. The Starbucks on campus was open 24 hours a day that week and I literally lived at the Starbucks. One night that week I drank 9 espressos, had shaking and trembling, stayed up all night at Sbux and peed my pants on my way to my modern physics final. Not my finest moment lol. Listened to a lot of Jon Foreman, Angels and Airwaves, Better than Ezra, Yellowcard and Radiohead that month. It was super snowy too and we had a massive ice storm that knocked out power in our entire city. The university had it’s own generator so I kinda hung out there and slept at night at my parents house (I lived with them until I met my wife the following semester). It was crazy. That next semester I worked as the barista for my old church’s college coffeehouse on campus. It was super fun…but that’s a story for a different day!

Hope you all have an AMAZING week! Remember you are the apple of his eye! The treasure of his heart!

Blessings in Christ!



38 thoughts on “Monday Hello! – Meet N Greet

  1. I’ll be having partial differential equations next semester and am not even fond of the ordinary ones. Such a combination, aren’t you the genious?

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      1. Statistics. I take BSc Economics and Statistics. If you say it’s cool well, but I love maths. I already find ODE to be stout work already.

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      2. Great majors to pursue!! I love stats! And economics! Great stuff and very applicable to the business world and academia, depending on where you plan to land after graduation.

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      3. Yeah I love my majors too, I would like the business world but lots of people are like academia but we’ll see in due time.

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  2. This past weekend I got to see my 3 year old granddaughter. I had had surgery and couldn’t see her for 2 weeks and she was a bit upset. She calls me Gama and she said you no pick up me Gama. I said are you mad? She said yes, but I love u Gama. Lolol..made my whole weekend.
    I would like to ask for continual prayer for my older son who has an addiction problem, just ask he be lifted in prayer for the chains to be broken. Also, I’ve been praying about changing churches and I believe I got confirmation this morning on it. Please keep me in prayer about that.
    Thanks Joel!!

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    1. Jesus, we come before you here in this space to ask for all chains of Andi’s older son to be broken through your name and power, for him to be fully restored under your blood from the cross, and renewed in your Spirit. Also for confirmation and wisdom and youe Spirit’s guiding hand to Andi as she considers moving churches. And also continued complete healing from her surgery of the tumor in her nasal passage and complete restoration. In your name amen.

      Aw that’s cute of your granddaughter to say that!! I’d be missing her!! Glad to hear that you got to see her! Hope your week is starting of well 🙂 bless you Andi and your family

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      1. Joel!!! Omg beautiful prayer…thank you!!
        Bless you and yours!
        Yes..I miss her everyday. She’s my little mini me people say. Lol.
        My week has started off great and will continue that way..I’m claiming it.
        Thanks again Joel!

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      2. Aw thank you so much Andi! Hey you can beat a mini me!! So glad to hear your week has started off great!! And amen, let’s claim it now for Jesus!! Hope you have a great night!!

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  3. The most productive thing I did this weekend was to get the rest of my Christmas decorations put up (an adventure told in my most recent blog post, haha). It was a huge challenge because I am still having extreme exhaustion from my brain surgery three months ago, and I had another procedure two weeks ago to place a stent in my carotid artery because of an incidentally discovered aneurysm. My body has had it this year!😩 Three surgeries in four months is not an ideal way to spend life.
    I don’t like coffee, but I love the smell. I prefer tea. Favorite is Lady Gray with a bit of sugar, followed by English Breakfast with a splash of milk and dash of sugar, and then good old peppermint.😊

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    1. That sounds like a lot after having those surgeries! I’ve been following your blog for several months, but I haven’t read your latest post. I’ll jump over and check it out! Literally, out of all of the blogs I read on here, you have probably had one of the most difficult roads and thank you for sharing! I don’t know you in real life, but you seem like a really brave person. Geez, to go through brain surgery and then the stint….wow. Seriously, bless you and I pray you are done with those surgeries!

      So I’m curious, what is Lady Gray? Is it related to earl gray? English breakfast is a great choice. Love it. And you can’t beat peppermint, especially on a cold winter’s night.

      Thanks for sharing! Hope you get some good rest this evening! 🙂

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      1. I believe Lady Grey is related to Earl Grey…the package says, “fine black tea perfectly balanced with the citrus fruit flavors of bergamot, orange and lemon.” So it’s a bit more citrusy and not as hard on the bergamot compared to Earl Grey from the one time I remember trying Earl Grey.
        Thank you for the prayers! I need all the intercession before the Throne I can get these days!

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      2. That’s it, that’s the difference, the orange and lemon. I bet that’s tasty though, fruit notes work well with bergamot!

        You’re welcome! Bless you and prayers for a fully restored and healthy 2017 and beyond!!


  4. I had a great weekend, it was my birthday so I spent some well needed time with my family! My favorite is to home roast, just got an order from Ethiopia, can’t wait to roast! Did you get to roast over the weekend?

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    1. Happy birthday!! That sounds like a great birthday weekens! Ethiopia sounds great. And, I’m actually stepping onto the back porch right now to roast some Ethiopia Shakiso Kayon Mountain Farm…it’s super good!! 🙂

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  5. Lovely! We had a great bike ride with my husband on skateboard this weekend, down along the river, stopping by the small farmers buying spinach for our evening udon! YuM!

    Coffee – double shot dark roast with full fat milk 😉 anytime, anywhere… I’m a “little” addicted.
    I drink tea too, but I’m picky 😉 I love coconut tea and licorice tea – those are my absolute favorites! Earl grey is good too… then of course green tea (cold or hot works either way), but I see green tea as a beverage more than a nice warm cuppa.

    Have a great week!

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    1. Oh that’s perfect, udon and getting ingredients for it from the farmers market! Plus a bike ride with the spouse, that sounds like a great weekend friend!

      I’ve never had coconut tea on it’s own before! I’ll need to try it out. Coffee, yes! We’re just about to french press it here at the office. I need a cup!!

      Hope you have a fabulous week!

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  6. You know, I’m sitting here on the couch with my kitties unable to sleep (me, that is; the cats are sound asleep) and trying to figure out why I feel so bothered. I’m trying to get it out by writing in my personal journal and I think I’ve discovered at least part of it. I think I can tell my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ without feeling ashamed.
    2016 was supposed to be the year of the baby. We’ve been married for 6 1/2 years and trying since 2013. Long story short, I had a brain tumor and three total surgeries this year, so a baby was obviously out. But now that the tumor is out, I should be able to conceive.
    My problem now is the deep sorrow that only comes with being childless at Christmas. I’ve seen at least half a dozen or more pregnancy announcements in the past two weeks (some friends onto their second or third child already) and I have several friends who are due any time now.
    Friends, will you pray for me? I don’t want jealousy and envy to take over my heart. But my own heart is broken because a year ago we were so certain that we would have a baby by now, or at least be pregnant. I know the Lord has an elaborate plan that I can only dream of now, but after so many failures, it’s getting harder and harder to believe that it will ever happen. But I rest in the fact that if it is God’s will, it will be done.
    Sorry to hijack your post, Joel, but I really had to get that off my chest around people who are like-minded in the Lord. Blessings to everyone, and have a great day.❤️

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    1. Hey, after I read this I was sitting at a rail road crossing with literally the longest train ever going as slow as possible and I just prayed for you that entire time. I know how important it is to be a mother to so many women…I’ve seen that in my wife since I first met her. And to have that derailed is devastating. And then also to just be surrounded by friends who are having children is rough. My wife’s best friend was in a similar situation, and still is, and it’s difficult. I absolutely will continue to pray for you.

      Jesus, I just pray for my sister here. I pray that you will restore her fully and that you will bless her and her husband with a child. That whatever you wanted to teach her and mold her into through this disease process will be brought to completion that if it’s your will, for her to be brought into a new part of life as a mother. Bless their marriage, bless their hearts going through the restoration and healing from the disease process of this tumor and having it removed. Protect both of them from health issues, please God, going forward. Also, please set a guard over her heart so that no weeds of jealous or envy crop up. And especially bless them with the abundance of your presence, of your Holy Spirit. In your name, amen.

      And you definitely didn’t hijack anything! This is the stuff I really was hoping people would share so that we could rally around each other and pray over one another and build one another up! Hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂

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      1. Thank you Joel! God bless you! I know your prayer was powerful because I’ve already been attacked again by the Evil One- I have a blogger friend-who is actually the only blogger I know in person since we went to college together- well anyway, she never ever blogs, but today blogged about the entire year of 2016…and ended it with a pregnancy announcement. I’m happy for her because I know they were having some difficulties and this is their second one. But it’s just another punch in the gut, you know? Thank you for the prayers!

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      2. I understand. And it is, it’s just one more person turning into parenthood. The timing sounds like Satan is trying to bait you in your heart. But at the same time it sounds like maybe God is using this season to refine you. But it still sucks, just being in that spot.

        Bless you too and you’re welcome! I don’t know what Jesus has planned doe you as a mother, but I ‘m sure whatever it is, it’s going to be wonderful for you 🙂 that is pretty crazy on the timing though of your blogger friend.


      3. I think that’s a perfect verse for this from what you’ve told me. I know it can be super hard to feel that way in the moment though, especially when walking through really difficult seasons like what you’re in, but I think God is doing something big in you! Verse 4 is good too, “Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything” I hope you feel better and rested in Jesus!

        I remember going through seasons myself, barren ones, different than longing to be a parent, but difficult ones. Sometimes they literally seemed to have no end in sight. Looking back I can see all that God was doing back then and how I’ve grown more wiser and mature in him because of what he brought me through. Bless you and praise Jesus, he is wonderful at all times and season! 🙂

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    2. Praying for God to bless and comfort you. I am sure you will be a good mother. Hold on to God’s promises for you. I look to the Bible for my comfort and encouragement. The live of those written in His Word has given me the strength to hold on when all was lost. It took a while but God did bless Sarah with Isaac. I believe He will do the same for you.

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    1. Oh I’m sorry! Just want to send you encouragement through these words, God is with you in all this and he will see you through it. It may take a season to get there, but he will bring you through it 🙂 I believe that


      1. Still up. Went back on Facebook. And there’s ANOTHER ONE. This time good friends from college who are on number three now. Satan is doing a stellar job of making me cry today. PRAISE JESUS, HALLELUJAH, AND THANKS BE TO GOD, YOU EVIL TURD, YOU!!!!

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      2. Oh wow, that’s pretty crazy timing. I’m sorry!! Hey, I’m thinking Ephesians 6, stand your ground here. Don’t let Satan get a foothold with this, keep him at bay and guard your heart from him growing bad weeds in your heart. Jesus is wonderful, in all times. You’re doing great at walking the path, stay strong in hin! 🙂


  7. I enjoy both coffee and tea. I love my coffee dark and rich and occasionally will flavor it with caramel or vanilla. As for tea I enjoy a variety, matcha green tea which is used in the Japanese tea ceremony is one. I also like to brew a ginger root and cinnamon tea which served hot or cold is delicious and is also has many health benefits. I brew it for friends who suffer from diabetes and it helps lower their blood sugar levels. I occasionally sweeten it by brewing it with an apple core which gives it just the right amount of sweetness and adds to the aroma.
    Regarding my weekend I worked, and since the cold weather is here now I have been cooking, over the weekend I made a turkey and brown rice soup, and then Monday I made up a batch of my chicken enchilada soup. I hope you had an enjoyable weekend.

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    1. I like my coffee dark and rich too! 🙂 Ginger and cinnamon tea is good! I like it hot, especially on a cold evening. It’s great too for my sore throats and sinus infections.

      It’s been cold here and it’s about to get really cold through the next several days. Mmm, soup on a cold day is always great! Chicken enchilada is a favorite at our house! We like to put avocado and cheese and chips at the bottom of ours and then sprinkle salsa on top.

      Hope you’re having a good week Julie!

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