2 End Times Scenarios and the Temple

So it seems I’m always running scenarios in the back of my mind on the end. It’s a puzzle that I can never solve, but I enjoy trying to get the pieces to fit. I have a couple scenarios on how the end times could play out and I wanna get your thoughts! (remember that I am pre-wrath – I don’t think the rapture happens until after the 6th seal. Please see my earlier posts here and here to see my thought processes). 

  1. The antichrist arises out of a far right coalition. This is the one that I am most concerned about. Reading through Daniel 9 and 11, it appears that the antichrist is pretty pro-Israel in his warfare. He attacks all of Israel’s enemies, he apparently makes a covenant with Israel to re-institute the Levitical covenant, he’s doing everything that somebody entrenched in today’s extreme far right who happens to be pro-Jewish, would be doing. Now, I’m not Republican bashing here, so my don’t get your feathers too ruffled my Republican friends. Yes, there is a good amount of convergence between the Church’s morality in the Word and some of the morality and legislation pushed by the right. However, this is what, in my opinion, makes it prime breeding ground for Satan to bring the antichrist up out of. The deception would be extra strong (2 Thessalonians 2). Many heavy political-leaning Christians would be deceived. No, I don’t believe Trump is the antichrist at all. I think Daniel 9 is clear enough that the antichrist will arise out of the Roman Empire, the context of which probably meant Italy or southern Europe/Roman Empire proper. I postulate that maybe what we see is a couple more violent, possibly larger scale ISIS attacks on Europe which finally galvanizes them with the political right who would be willing to put troops on the ground. We have gone right in America, we then see France elect a right candidate (eg Le-Pen) and the tide continues to the rest of central/southern Europe. Out of those waters we see the beast arise, the beast being the Antichrist’s kingdom, and the little horn comes soon after as an apparent pro-Jewish leader in Europe, probably Italy, who goes to war against ISIS and other Muslim countries surrounding Israel. He cleans house in the Middle East except Israel, walks into Israel (btw the Hebrew does not say he invades Israel, the Hebrew says he enters or goes into Israel in Dan 11:41) and declares himself God.
  2. Opposite solution. The antichrist arises out of a far left coalition (I owe this one to my good brother in Christ CJ for walking me through this scenario over morning coffee the other week). We have seen a resurgence of the right in American politics. But, if we assume that the next four years go badly, there could be a cultural backwash effect on Christians afterward. In other words, things went badly, secular America blames Christians for the failures of the right, far leftist candidates are elected in and things start to go really badly for the church in America. Out of that persecution greatly arises (cf the fifth seal) plus a few more ISIS attacks draws a leftist coalition into the Middle East which eventually results in the antichrist declaring himself God in the temple.

Last problem, how does the temple get rebuilt? Well, good question. The answer is that it possibly technically could be rebuilt now and not affect what is considered to be the temple mount. The reason is that what the Jews consider the temple mount and what the Muslims consider the dome of the rock isn’t (possibly) where the temple was actually located. And there is a growing body of evidence to suggest this is true here and here. This also really jives with Jesus words on the temple, Matthew 24:2, ‘”Do you see all these things?” he asked. “Truly I tell you, not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down.”‘

Did we ever stop to ask ourselves, uhhh, so if Jesus said every single stone will be thrown down, why do we never question the remnants of it at the temple mount? Well, we know Jesus’ words are more trust worthy than anything else, so the only conclusion is…that’s not the temple mount.


And lastly to tack onto that one, if there truly was an illuminati from which the antichrist could arise out of, which I’m not saying there is or isn’t, one could then make the leap that such a secretive organization could be funneling cash into operations to rebuild the temple. Right? But that’s a data mining research problem outside the scope of this post. Just food for thought 😉

Let me know what you think friends!




29 thoughts on “2 End Times Scenarios and the Temple

  1. End times/Revelation is something I absolutely love to study. I would love to discuss this with you, let me read everything you’ve written about then we can discuss!

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    1. Hey when the writer’s block is lifted, you gotta hit Microsoft Word to get some work cranked out. Totally get it 😉 Let me know if you get a chance to check them out! Hope your work time is productive!!

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      1. I actually got rolling so well that I didn’t get downstairs until my son was already dressed back in his street clothes! Usually I catch the very end of his class… Oh, I just need a few days alone with this ridiculous book to get it done!! I always feel like I get rolling and then – bam! Time to stop and move on to the next thing…

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      2. Ugh, I remember that!! Just feeling that you are so close, but then find out that it’s another day or two to actually finish. Quite frustrating! I feel that when I take up my writing project in January I’ll be lamenting right along with you!

        Exciting that you’re almost there!! So it’s editing and then you’re sending out letters? Are you going to publishers or agents first? Or what was your game plan to market it? I need to pick up a new copy of the Christian Writers Market Guide. They have 2017 available. Used to have a copy every year, but since school I haven’t gotten one. I’ll need it though!

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      3. I honestly don’t know yet. I probably need to grab a new copy of the guide myself — mine’s from 2015. Most likely, what I need to do is try to find a nearby conference where I can get in front of an agent or publisher. I will probably send queries to some publishers who do not require agents, but I may look into an agent as well. Either way, it is terribly difficult to write a large body of work in fits and starts!! 😉

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      4. Well I’ll join in the frustration with you next Month haha 😉 I’ll probably do the same, I’ll hit a lot of agents but blanket publishers who don’t require an agent as well, so who nibbles first. Then the waiting…always the worst part lol.

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      5. I just have to work up the nerve… I’m considering having a couple of people “beta-read” it before I send it off, but again — I’m still trying to figure out what to do! 😉

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      6. It was tough working up the nerve when I sent mine out. I kept that book tucked closely to my chest the entire time I worked on it. It’s hard because you put so much of yourself into it and then open yourself up to the risk that someone may just say back, I don’t think this is any good…It was tough for me!! But I think I’ve grown enough since I did it last (10 years ago, crazy how time flies) that I think I can face those fears this time around! 😉

        I’m sure your book is awesome! You’ll rock it.

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      7. In all honesty, I think it’s easier to think of some faceless editor or publisher reading it than people I know! I have only recently learned that for fiction, a completed manuscript is often preferred, so I’ve delayed sending out queries until I can get through the rewrite. But I hope to be sending them by the end of the year regardless. I have actually sent one, but the publishing company is not yet up and running so I don’t know what to expect… Either way, it’s in God’s hands!

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      8. When I sent them out, I did a synopsis and then a cover letter. I agree though, there is a bit of anonymity that’s nice versus friends and family reading it! I didn’t know that about having the completed ms to be sent.

        Is yours fiction then?

        And amen, it’s in God’s hands!! 🙂

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      9. It is… kind of a story of the Great Romance, really, and kind of a response to the types of novels a lot of my women friends seem to enjoy.

        I have so many ideas, some non-fiction, some fiction, but just so little time right now. I am not 100% sure about the manuscript bit, but I read it a couple of places several months ago, so I figured it’s better safe than sorry.

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  2. I think you should write a novel! I really do. I think the Lord would Bless it and you would root it in scripture
    😉 and before you know it, you might have a “real-deal DaVinci code” kind of book on your hands…

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    1. When I first read this, I kinda just pushed it mentally. But then I started toying with the idea and…well…

      Did you know I used to be a full time writer? I quit college for a year and a half and wrote books. Loved it. Of course, I never could get anything published and so voila…I went back to school and got a job. But I do wish I could do that.

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    2. So IF I did, I’d probably need to do a work on the scale of 80,000 – 100,000 words, at least. The most words I ever wrote when I was a full time writer in one night was 8000 words – PS I was exhausted after that lol. A conservative estimate for what I could do now given family, work, and also Greek and Hebrew and blogging (though I’d have to cut it down on the # of posts) would be 3000 – 4000 words per week. Which means it would take me around 20-25 weeks to complete the novel, or 5-7 months. So IF I did, which the more I start thinking about it, honestly the more I want to do it, I could start writing in January and be done by mid-summer before my birthday.

      You really think I should? Do you really enjoy reading my stuff that much? You think I could see a novel like that? And did you like that fiction part I wrote on the antichrist and Princeton?


      1. Yes, yes and yes my dear and yes again.
        I really do think you have a lot boiled up inside, so to speak. Obviously you would need a lay-out of fiction – a storyline that will be captivating – so to keep the suspense going throughout a novel which would – in some more or less likely scenario – grow out of your many thoughts about the antichrist as well as your knowledge of scripture.
        I loved your intro to the “pursuit” post and my mind was already rolling a video clip when I read the Princeton post… And remember, first book does not need to have a set deadline, just a goal date.
        There are ways I believe to publish your own book, but getting a marketing guy on board would be a good idea too 😉
        Yes – go for it!

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      2. Wow, thank you. Those are very kind words my friend. Thank you 🙂 Really, you loved my intro to Pursuit? You know what movie I was thinking of when I was writing that, one that I watched for many years and that was a dim reflection of the beauty of home with Jesus, it’s called The Island. It’s a 2005 film starring Scarlett Johansson, Ewan McGregor and Sean Bean. If you ever get a chance at watching it, compare the pursuit intro to the beginning boat scene during the title and credits at the start of the movie. That scene just calls to me 🙂 Not that every thing I write is based off a movie or something else, but I had been wanting to do something off that scene for awhile!

        I’m not sure I would self-publish. Maybe, just not sure I would want to put my own capital into it. I’d probably go into it with the expectation that if God wanted me to go from business into writing, he would make it successful. I find that when I’m where God wants me to be, I get blessed like crazy…not monetarily, well not always monetarily, but it’s just obvious that it’s where he desires me to be at. Who knows Lene…maybe that’s the actual “move” you meant?

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  3. I forwarded this to my dad. I’m buried in recital craziness. The fog won’t lift until December 18.
    I sent this to him and then I wanted to discuss some stuff on my journies in the car to my rehearsals.

    I agree with people above–you are a gifted writer. My dad read your antichrist story and said “this guy is a gifted writer.” 🙂

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    1. Aw, that made me smile 🙂 Thank you so much! Tell your dad I said thank you and really appreciate it. Hope he enjoys this one, it’s a couple scenarios I’d been thinking about. Maybe it won’t happen like this, buy I think we’re closer every day!..and maybe, well jusy maybe I’ll think about it doing it and writing a book next year.

      Yikes! I’ll keep saying some extra prayers for you over this time. Hey a couple more weeks though and then Christmas break right? I’ll be praying for continued tenacity! Remember it’s all part of him working on us, stretching us for the AMAZING life he has planned for us in his house! I’m sure you’ll rock it! Keep us updated on here on how it goes!!

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    1. That is too kind of you Lee 🙂 I’m blessed to have met you on here! Honestly, I’m pretty floored by your words and everyone else’s words here. I wasn’t expecting this! So thank you and bless you 🙂 I love reading your stuff too! And if there’s anything you get out of my words, I give that credit to Jesus! But thank you. Hope you’re having a good start to the weekend! I’m going to try to home roast tomorrow! I’ve got some Guatemala sitting on the shelf that’s been calling my name.

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  4. Praise be to the Lord for gifting you with words😊. I love to write as well but I don’t have a lot of free time to do it.
    Guatemala sounds delish, I hope your roasting goes well! Enjoy your Sabbath with your family!

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