Book Recommendations?

Does anybody have a good relatively new book recommendation to pass along? Specifically on falling madly in love with Jesus and the romance with God and/or the longings of our hearts and Heaven? Because really I’ve been stuck finding new, good material in this this area for a long time. I went to B&N today to find something good and came up short. Ann Voskamp and John Eldredge are the only two I’ve found from the past 20 years who are doing this. Any hidden gems you know of? Love to hear your recommendations!!

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12 thoughts on “Book Recommendations?

      1. I don’t believe so. Here is a little excerpt on him: “W. PHILLIP KELLER (1920-1997) was born in East Africa and always loved the wildlife and the outdoors. Having spent many years in agriculture research, land management and ranch development in British Columbia, he later pursued careers in conservation, wildlife photography, and journalism. His experiences as a shepherd equipped him with the insights that are the basis for A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23. His other titles include A Layman Looks at the Lord’s Prayer, Splendor from the Sea, Lessons from a Sheepdog, and A Gardener Looks at the Fruits of the Spirit.”

        He creates precious word pictures of the Lord’s love for us.

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      2. Ah, lol, yeah that’s definitely not the guy! Haha! Wow, cool bio!! I found him! A Shpherd Looks at Psalm 23. I’m putting him on the list too. Looks great!! Thank you for the recommendation!!

        Btw, how’s the Hebrew coming?!


  1. Dee Brestin and Kathy Traccoli have a book called “Falling in love with Jesus”. Our women’s group used it for a stud, It was good. Also “How to fall and stay in love with Jesus” is a study of Song of Songs, one of my favorites

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    1. Those both sound fantadtic! Especially the one about Song of Songs – it’s my fave book of the Bible, i think it’s a love song written to us from God. How beautiful and wonderful! These are going on my list, thank you!!

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