You Are Not Forgotten

Isaiah 49:15,

Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!

I had coffee this morning with a dear brother in Christ. I first met him when I lead a men’s college bible study in 2007-2008. He’s had some tough times, some isolated times, he’s had some people in the church really burn him. His mother, whom he dearly loves and cares for, recently had a quadruple bypass. And this week she’s been having more heart trouble. It’s the kind of week that my brother would probably have a stiff drink at the end of, if he drank, which he doesn’t.

My heart broke for him, as tears welled up in his eyed. I just lost it. I held his arm and hand from across the table. I saw in him places I’ve been years ago. Years ago, when I wasn’t where I am today. When Jesus led me out into the cold tundra of the spirit. Where he lit a burning fire for us in an igloo of sorts, no one else around, no one else in sight. We stayed out there for years in brutal soul conditions. I saw that my brother was touching that land himself in this season. Oh  I just wanted to hug him. I repeated some words that a friend at church had told him, you are not forgotten.

I know I and my brother are not the only ones who have walked this path. I know there are many out there still, still in the cold and the dark. Maybe Jesus has lit a fire for you, but you still wait to come inside the house where it’s warm. I don’t know who will read this, or if anyone will, but if you read this and that’s you, I want you to know that tonight I pray for you. Tonight I keep a vigil for you in my heart before Jesus. That you have a brother, far away, who is rooting for you, believes in you, that you can do it in Jesus. Not through yourself, or anyone, but through Jesus. He is the Wonderful Counselor, God Almighty.

If that is you, I invite you to comment and reach out for fellowship. I would love and talk and pray with you! God bless you. Yes, it is dark out there. Yes, unless we are under Jesus’ wings it is scary. Yes, we need him badly. No, you are not alone. You have others who want to walk with you. In fact, you have an entire heaven filled with sisters and brothers who can’t wait to meet you one day and are rooting for you and praying for you every single day. The best part? Jesus. Jesus is with us in all these things, leading us, growing us up, guiding us, being our Beautiful One, being our Love.

Love to hear from you if you are out there in the cold tonight! 🙂 Bless you my friends.

12 thoughts on “You Are Not Forgotten

  1. Thank you for this post Joel. My girl… barely 10… She declared war on satan last night when she had a breakdown. She dislikes her life and hates satan for what he is doing to this world and in people who are unkind. And yet – she hasn’t been able to sense Jesus, His presence with her, His love for her nor has she yet reached the point of knowing her purpose in this life. I somehow wish I could connect her to you… (And I only write that because I know you!).

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    1. Thank you for your kind words my friend 🙂 Oh that breaks my heart. No 10 year old, let alone anyone, should every be at that point. I know it’s been really rough lately. I will be praying for her heart and for her to just see Jesus close to her. I will truly be praying for her. She’s got a great momma though who is fighting for in Christ! Keep up the great work, you’re planting seeds in her heart that no one else in the world could do. Jesus speaks through you to her every single day. I pray she will see Jesus’ love for her and just love every bit of her life, because I know that’s what our Father wants. You’re doing great! 🙂 Big encouragements from your brother across the Pacific!


      1. Thank you Joel. I appreciate the prayers of support and encouragement. Truly, only His Spirit can convince her heart that He is right there with her all the time and that she does have the counterbalance His light provides. Love in Jesus

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      2. You’re welcome Lene. I think you’re living my nightmare – I never want my children to not know of God’s love and presence to them, to not know his Spirit filling them and being with them every where they go. I pray it’s over soon and she’ll discover his love and goodness for her very soon!


  2. Amen Joel! Idk if you follow my posts but as of late and my family..have been under enemy attack..but I stand firm and strong in His love. I welcome your invitation to fellowship and prayer…thank you!! GOD BLESS YOU for this post!

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    1. Hi Andi! I do follow you, I haven’t read though your posts from recently, but I will hop over and read them. I will be praying for your family! Actually, not sure if you remember or not, but I used to have a different blog, theplankprojectsite, and we commented back and forth on a couple posts. I remember you spoke some really reassuring words on a couple of my posts when I was struggling with anxiety attacks and fear. I really appreciated that, God walked me through a tough time last spring, but he grew me up in a lot of ways and I no longer struggle like I used to with fear. Praise God.

      God bless you too!! Hope you have a wonderful night!!

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