I have to share this. So lately, I have been annoyed that I have to sleep. Why, God, do I have to spend 7 hours a day unconscious? I’ve tried lucid dreaming, fail. I want to be active while I am asleep. I was venting this to God while driving home on the interstate Thursday evening, the night sky falling overhead and the city lights illuminating the roadway. He replied by telling me my body is asleep but my soul is awake. That I should prepare my soul before bedtime. I need to be falling asleep worshiping him, snuggling him and I will be with him closely all night.

So I did it last night. I fell asleep closely in his arms.

I woke up at about 1am. My allergies are bad. And I didn’t know this until I went to my ENT doc the other week that every 4 hours one of our nasal passages runs a process where they dilate. My nasal passage is shaped like a spur and it’s very tight in there. So when it dilates I can’t breathe out of that nostril. I woke up at 1am and it was switching from one nostril to the other. So I was going to flip sides on my pillow to keep the new open side on top. As soon as I woke up I kept hearing one word, “Efkaristeo.” Which in Greek means, “I give thanks” or “I thank.” I kept hearing it, loudly. As soon as I switched sides, I laid my right ear on the pillow, blocking out the room sound, and I realized my tinnitus was pretty sharp in that one ear. And it freaked me out. So quick timeout…tinnitus is one thing I have struggled with since Dec 2012. God has healed me of it and allowed it to come back multiple times when I don’t listen to him. It’s become a mechanism he uses to bring me closer to his voice…ok, so I heard it and it freaked me out. I got so anxious that I just got up and walked out to the living room and the library to pray to ask God to heal it and calm me down. All the while I kept hearing efkaristeo, efkaristeo. So I went into the library, sat down with my legs and feet underneath me and just worshiped and gave thanks to him and blessed him. It was so intimate. It was…wow. Raw, close, us, lovely, joyful, pleasurable, me and him, worship, intoxicating. Just being in front of him, no barriers, just us, me before his eyes. Bare, nothing blocking us, nothing impeding us, no distractions, my heart and his. Oh it was so good! And then I asked him to heal me. And in the past he has had me cup my hands over my ears and I can feel his Spirit blow through one ear and out the other and it takes away my tinnitus. I cupped my hands over my ears and I felt his Spirit blow through me. Then I felt God saying I could go back to bed. I went back and laid my head down. I knew that when I laid my right ear onto the pillow, when the ambient sound had been blocked out, I would hear silence, that the tinnitus would be gone for the night. It was gone except for a very minor pitch. He healed it, he took it away.

Humans have not developed a cure for tinnitus yet. It is impossible for man to take it away. God did the impossible and took away my tinnitus.

It was amazing. It was a really powerful experience I had and I just wanted to share that moment with you all. I’m going on Sabbath. Shabbat Shalom my sisters and brothers! Have a blessed weekend!!



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