I Know Who the Antichrist is and I Want to Share My Story

I’ve written a lot on here about our walk with God, some end times stuff, stuff about Hebrew and Greek, relationship stuff, family stuff, but I feel compelled to share a story that I have which needs to be told. I think it’s time for me to be up front about some things that are extremely important. I know a lot of people. Some of those people are not good. Some are actually very, very evil. I know a man, personally, who I can almost guarantee is one of the ten kings of the antichrist’s empire. I’ve met six of the other men that I think are apart of the 10. I even had a short conversation once with the antichrist himself.

I’ll start at the beginning. It was about nine years ago. Before I came back to my home state  to finish my bachelors, I actually went to Princeton for a short time. Princeton is beautiful by the way. The old buildings and architecture, the grounds, oh it’s lovely. I had always wanted to go there. So it was a dream come true. I still love thinking about being there in winter when I was cuddled up in a study room with a textbook and the snow falling outside. I was majoring in computer science. It was living a dream for me. Anyways, I lived at the dorms for my freshman year. I had a roommate. He was from Florence. His name was Antonio. He spoke pretty decent English and was fluent in like 4 other languages. He was brilliant. He was a majoring in political science. We really hit it off from day 1.

I remember it was the Monday of the week I was leaving to fly back home for Christmas.  We had just finished finals, finished them well might I add 😉 and Antonio and I had gone for a short drive. He had this gorgeous Mercedes. His family was really wealthy. I don’t remember the small town we were in. It was a short drive away from White House Station in New Jewsey. Gosh, it’s making me mad that I can’t remember the town lol. I remember there was a small, broad ~10 foot tall waterfall with a water wheel near downtown (it was ~20,000 -30,000 pop town, not big at all), but very rich. There was a sushi place on main street. Anyway, we had pulled over to take a walk by the waterfall. It was pretty much iced over at this point. We’re both bundled up in our north face jackets. The sun is setting, it’s a lovely pink and purple and blue sky of the sunset reflecting off some high cirrus. Super cold where our breath is easily seen in front of our chilly faces. We stopped in at this cozy coffee house to have a cup. We’re in the back. Nobody else around really and not a lot of other people in the place. We’re talking about Christmas and flying back home and all of sudden, Antonio’s face gets serious, his whole demeanor changes, he kinda leans in and he lowers his voice to a near whisper and says, “You’re a Christian, you believe in the end times stuff, right?” And I said, “Yes, of course I do.” And he nods, his eyes deadlocked with mine, and he says, “I have a childhood friend, best friend, who is in New York just for tonight. After this, I’m going to drive up and meet up with him. Do you want to meet him too?” I didn’t have anything going on that night. I wasn’t flying out until the next day so I said sure why not. We got back in the car and drove out of the icy town up to the 87 to go into New York.

So there was a lull in the conversation as we cross into Manhattan. I finally asked him, who is this guy? Why’d you ask me about the end times there? What’s up man? So Antonio takes in a deep breath, looks over at me and starts the long spiel about humanity and resources. How we as the intellectuals have the ability to rule over the masses and manipulate the resources of the world. How the Roman Empire actually had it right from the beginning and we just lost our way over the last two thousand years. He started talking about the Jews. I was mostly listening and giving some feedback here and there. But for the most part, I just felt this feeling of doom inside me. Then he starts talking about his friend. He said this guy is like a god, he is ridiculously wise and smart. He has money, he is powerful. Much more so than Antonio. He starts talking about how the two of them had planned ever since childhood that they would one day become leaders in Italy. And from there that they would do great things. They would make Italy great again. They would rise to power and see a new era of change for their people. He started talking about how they had found other like minded people in Europe. And that one day, integrated into a specified timetable, they were going to take over.

I didn’t know what to say. At this point, I just feel this overwhelming sense of evil. I had never felt this around my roommate during the past semester. It was just out of left field. So we pull up to this building. I don’t know Manhattan very well, so I don’t remember the exact street. It was downtown. Monday night, the 17th of December 2007. There’s a parking garage, really well lit underneath this skyscraper. We drive down into it. We pull up to a spot next to a row of doors. The place is quiet and cold, brightly lit. Concrete walls. We step out and walk over to an elevator bank. Antonio punches in a code and the doors open. I follow him in.

I don’t remember what floor it was. It was like 74 or 76. It was way up there. The elevator was really plush and it shot upwards into the building. The doors opened and I was in something like an office. A luxurious office. It was getting closer to 11pm, but the place was lit up really well.

So you know on a summer day, you’re enjoying the warmth of the sun and then all of a sudden a huge cumulonimbus cloud just moves right over the sun and you get chilled by a cold wind, your arms get goosebumps. That’s exactly the feeling I remember at that next moment. The only difference was I just had the same overwhelming feeling of dread. It was then that this man walked out from a row of double doors ahead of us. I could see windows looking out on lovely Manhattan in the background of the room had walked out of. He was tall, about 6′ 1″ – 6′ 3″. Pretty slim, well built, he had black long hair, olive complexion. He walked up to me with a smile on his face and Antonio introduced us. His name is Giovanni Lagana. We sat down on a couch after that in front of a fireplace in a corner room. The view was lovely, the corner walls were all windows. And I listened for about two hours while Giovanni and Antonio discussed their plans to take over the world. Basically they were pitching their ideas to me to recruit me as an American counterpart.

Content: I’ll be honest I’m a little hesitant to publish a lot of this. For one, I know they read my stuff, they keep tabs on me. They don’t care about me anymore, but given some events that happened after this meeting, I really don’t want to rock the boat too much. And plus, there’s really not a lot to be done about it anyway. High level, they had five guys in places of authority in Europe in various countries. France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and Greece. At the time they needed four more guys. One in Belgium, one in Turkey, one in Egypt and one in America. I think I was the American they were testing to maybe recruit.

They had some crazy ideas, evil ideologies. They are satanic. They believe Satan is the good guy in the story, that Jesus subjugated the angels and forced them to worship him until Lucifer rose up and fought back. They want to take over the world both as a sacrifice to Satan and also to drive God out of earth and bring freedom to the humans who survive. They believe in massive depopulation efforts. They believe what we call aliens are actually the (fallen) angels and they are here as part of the resistance against the Kingdom of God. They want to rebuild the temple and are secretly funding it. They know that the temple mount is actually located in the City of David, not the current “temple mount.” This actually could be true from my research. They said they plan to fund a new temple covertly, so they can fulfill Daniel 11. Giovanni said he made contact with an entity named “Apollyon” who was trapped in what he believes is some kind of abyss, a void, maybe a black hole. Jesus locked him up in there and Giovanni plans to unite with Apollyon once the tribulation begins, he’s going to be a temple for him. This guy is the real mccoy. He’s the antichrist. Literally everything we have theorized about them is true. It’s going to go down. I have their timetable. Granted it’s nine years old at this point, but they were planning to begin moving in the second half of our decade, at the latest 2017. This is real stuff. There was an altar in one of the side rooms I could see into with a golden dragon over it and candles lit. It made me nauseated every time I saw it in my peripheral vision. I was just praying and praying for Jesus’ embrace this entire time, I was in the belly of the beast literally and I was as weak as I could be. I felt like Frodo right outside Mount Doom.

Back to my story, I had seen a couple bodyguards in the background, dressed all in black. So I was very hesitant to disagree vocally or walk out, I just kinda sat there and nodded, pitching in a couple contributing comments here and there where the content wasn’t evil. About 1am, Antonio nodded to me and motioned for us to leave. Giovanni and Antonio talked for a second, then Antonio led us to the elevators and down we went. I’m shaking. We didn’t talk much, as we stepped into the car, or as we drove out of Manhattan late night back to Princeton. As we pulled up to park to walk to the dorms, Antonio asks me, “Are you in?” I said I just can’t and that I wasn’t feeling good, at this point I’m so freaked out. I’ve been praying every second and clinging to Jesus. Of course there was no way I would ever sign up to be apart of that evil. Antonio said he understood. I don’t think he meant me harm, at that moment at least he didn’t. I packed my bags that night while Antonio went out for a late night drink with a friend. I left at 2am and went to JFK. I was done.

I was so freaked out that over Christmas break I transferred from Princeton to a college in my hometown. I had peace from God for leaving Princeton. I couldn’t go back. I had been exposed to horrible evil and they wanted me. No way. If I was seen by them again, they weren’t just going to wave and say have a nice day. I think at some point down the road bad things would have happened to me. I just left. I don’t regret it.

It wasn’t the last time I saw them either. But I’ll have to save that for another time because it’s getting late here. I meant to post this over Halloween for a festive treat, but life happened. I figured it was time I data dumped all of this somewhere where I can process it.

Hope you have a blessed Wednesday my friends!

31 thoughts on “I Know Who the Antichrist is and I Want to Share My Story

  1. Hello Joel,

    We are in the End Times for sure. Thank you for sharing your story. My prayer is that we can reach the folks who need to Lord before it all goes down. They can have fun ruling the world for seven short years. We get eternity with a whole new universe and the real king.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

    In Christ,

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    1. Hi Gary,

      Thank you and I couldn’t agree more. They can have it under fire and under dception for 7 years, we get it forever.

      I didn’t specify directly in this post, but this was actually fiction (I did mention it in a following post though). Love to hear some of your thoughts though on the Tribulation if you have some to share. If you get the time, check out my posts: https://inthedesertwithjesus.wordpress.com/2016/08/18/qed-2-thessalonians-2/ and https://inthedesertwithjesus.wordpress.com/2016/08/09/apokalypsys/

      I have some different ideas about pre-wrath, the rapture and the tribulation. Let me know if you get a chance to read them and have any feedback!

      Have a great thanksgiving too!
      In Christ,

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  2. Joel, hi! This is superb fiction, drew me right in. My view of the end of the age is an historic Protestant/Evangelical view, so I see the Tribulation as happening from early on – the Shoah, the Inquisition, the Black Plague, etc. – and not as being only a final seven years. Hope that we can edify each other – Lord bless you!

    You may want to study the lists of those Christians, such as, the Reformers and Waldenses (Valdesi, Vaudois), who believed that the papacy – the dynasty of popes – is Antichrist. I believe this too. This isn’t sinister in the sense of the men you invented, but still evil; and its altars aren’t like the one your protagonist glimpsed but still they’re an abomination.

    Talk later – enjoy a holy and happy Thanksfiving celebration!!

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    1. Hi Maria! It’s so nice to meet you! I haven’t studied much of the historical view, but I’d love to hear more! It sounds interesting and I haven’t come at it from that viewpoint yet.

      Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We’re doing our first one today, and then the second one tomorrow. Turkey is in the oven and I can’t wait to eat it!!

      When you get a chance, could you please walk me through the historical view? I love for us to be able to edify each other!

      And thank you so much for your kind words of this story! I hope you liked it, it was fun to write! I really appreciate that. Bless you Maria! Looking forward to continuing the conversation!

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      1. God bless you! We’ll let’s get started if you’re ready?! 🙂 I’m curious just from a top level perspective how do you see revelation having played out? Do you have a graph or a timeline that connects out to the seals, trumpets and bowls?


    1. Haha thanks! I wanted to write a good short story of a really crazy person for the antichrist. Cool blog you have btw! Don’t see a lot of Christian bloggers who also post ASCII art! Cool stuff!

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      1. Good stuff! I used to be R, Python, Matlab in college. Now half a decade into the work force I’m mostly Excel, just getting started with Dax, some R. I primarily handle large data set analysis, profit analysis and strategy now. But a lot less pure programming than back in the day.

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      2. We used R for awhile, it’s pretty good for doing backend calculations on large sets and then dumping the output into a manipulatible form in Excel. We’re transitioning out of that though into using Power Pivot and Dax…it has some benefits as far as our internal customers’ wishes go and you can do everything you need to do right there in Excel’s interface. Its a bit of a ram hog, it runs its measures using ram exclusively to free up space for large data sets…so you have your have the horsepower in ram if working with large data. I liken Power Pivot and Dax as Microsoft’s replicated and commercialized version of R…ironic because, correct me if im wrong, i think R was a community driven offshoot from S?


      3. I live in windows 10, used to do Linux, ubuntu distro and really enjoyed it, but that was back when I was apart of the science community. Now that I’m in business, it’s all windows.

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    1. Thank you!! No, it’s not an excerpt, I just kinda sat down and free wrote this one night. But I liked the vibe I got from it and so it has some similarities to my book and parts I’m planning to integrate somewhat. But I wrote this way before I came up with my new storyline.

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