Freaky Friday

I want to hear YOUR stories today and since we’re getting closer to Halloween, let’s make it a little scary 😉 (not saying I endorse or do not endorse Halloween, however you feel in your conscience before God on that one is fine with me) This is a one time thing I wanted to try out, so here we go…ok, here is what I’m thinking:

I love to listen to old Coast to Coast shows. They are kinda freaky talk radio shows that sometimes have some good stuff on it, even some Biblical prophecy scholars every now and then (lots of other stuff that I pass on as well). So the old host from the 90s, Art Bell, did a couple shows where he just asked people to call in who knew about certain topics. One time he asked anyone to call in who worked at Area 51. Another time he devoted a show to have the antichrist call in. I know, I know…but still, I like his thought process. He had a tool, public radio, and was using it to probe for information. Well…

We have a really powerful tool at our command these days: the internet. I am betting that someone, somebody on here has had some type of freaky experience that they’d love to share. This might be a post I get zero comments on, or maybe we get some really good stories, but there are billions of people in this world. As Christians, and warriors in Christ, we are engaged in a massive spiritual war. I’m curious to hear some of the weirder stories you might have encountered from the frontlines of this war. What are your stories from the trenches that might sound a little creepy? Or maybe the back channels of intel in the spiritual warfare? We’re not going to glorify fear or anything like that here, more just as community discussion and processing with other believers. All praise to Jesus in everything!

Annnd, whether you are pre-trib or pre-wrath, if we are this close to the Tribulation, there’s a good chance the antichrist is alive today. Anybody reading this ever met him? Or met anyone from his organization? Any prophecies you have been given (legit from Christ) that you want to share with the Body? Any visions or dreams? Have you ever seen a Nephilim before? Ever seen a UFO? Any deep internet mysteries that revolve around spiritual warfare or the end times? Are there any conspiracies you know of directly impacting the end times that you have first or second hand knowledge of? Or maybe something else?

I’m just throwing the fishing line out into the ocean to see what we pick up. If nothing, no biggie. But as a prophecy scholar and spiritual warrior of over 15 years, I’m curious to know,

how’s it been going out there?

Happy Friday the 14th!



11 thoughts on “Freaky Friday

  1. Hi Joel. Sorry… don’t have much to share in the “scary” department as far as your description goes. I can tell you though that it’s freakin scary to hear your 9 year old girl come and ask for a knife so she can kill herself and then an hour later sit in a doctors office waiting to hear whether there’s cancer inside you or not. In my case – NOT – and my girl cried it out instead of slicing it out… so I’m praising Jesus – the big love of my life ❤ – and look forward to reading whatever scary stuff others might think of to comment with… Happy Friday!

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    1. Oh no!!! I’m so sorry to hear that about your girl! I’ll be praying for you both. That’s very terrifying. That’s a scary hour! I’m so glad to hear that the test went good though and you’re cancer free – praise Jesus! Oh , hat breaks the heart though, I can’t imagine my daughter coming to me and saying that. God bless you with peace and rest and wisdom here

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  2. In the area of demonic stuff I haven’t seen anything particularly crazy like movie type stuff, but growing up our youth pastor shared a story with us, before him and his wife became Christians, they were with friends in the back of a station wagon playing with a Ouija board and in the middle of the game they said that the the car got extremely hot like it was on fire and they were panicking trying to open the doors and the doors wouldn’t open. They finally somehow got out. I can’t remember if the door finally opened or what.
    I always remembered that story cause it’s freaky! And we have to remember that demonic activity and the Devil are real. Satan wants you to believe he is a little cartoon character with horns and a tail. We have to understand he is no cartoon.

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    1. Oh wow! That’s crazy!! Thanks for sharing that!! My mom had an evil ouija board story too from a friend (she’s a strong believer btw). Her friend was at a sleepover and a demon started talking to them through the board, gave it’s name and said some evil things (I forget what). Satan is real, demons are real, we are at war with them. It’s not joke!

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  3. I certainly wasn’t implying that you thought that. 🙂
    When I said “we” I was generally saying that.
    I have always liked scary movies(just not the demon possessed ones) and intrigued with ghost stories. I’ve always thought haunted houses were fun! I think as long as we keep perspective Maybe I’m wrong about that. Ive never felt in my conscience that it was bad.
    Oijia boards and the occult – that I do not like and don’t mess with not do I like movies about that.

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    1. Oh no I didn’t think you meant that at all! I know what you meant there Johanna 🙂

      I’ve always liked scary movies too, they really intrigue me as well. I think your right, as long as we keep a Godly perspective it’s fine to do.

      Agreed on the occult, that I don’t like to watch, that’s wickedness and I don’t do that.

      So what are some of your favorite scary flicks?!

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      1. I like that movie…”the others” with Nicole Kidman. Those kind of movies I like. Just the typical ghost stories. I like when they are set back in the 1800s or before. More creepy. I like classic framkenstein movies. I also like thrillers and suspense.
        An old movie that is really creepy is “whatever happened to baby Jane” with Joan Crawford and Betty Davis
        I think the old black and white movies can be more creepy. 😳

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      2. Yes The Others is fantastic! The music and setting is great. I love the intro, with the music and the pictures…and then the fact that they are in this mansion, always living by candle light is just very, oddly enough, “comforting” in way? If that makes sense.

        I’ve never seen Whatever happened to baby Jane. I do agree, the old ones are good. Hitchcock had some classics that still get a rise out of me.

        My favorite still is the 1982 version of The Thing. My dad and I have an inside joke on that one that after Kurt Russel left Antarctica he moved up to the Pacific NW to get his mind straight and raise his sons as a single dad before he met Goldie Hawn in 1987 (Overboard) haha.

        My favorite recent film is by far The Ring from 2003…just about everything in that film is disturbing to me. From the music to the setting in rainy Seattle and Washington state, to the imagery…creepy.

        Stranger Things on Netflix is pretty good as well. It’s got a lot of throwback to 80s horror (even The Thing)

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      3. Oh man, the Ring is creepy!!
        Also m night shyamalan movies like the sixth sense and the village. Those are good. I love Hitchcock! Classic! I haven’t seen “The Thing” –will have to check that out. People have been telling is about stranger things, gotta pull that up on Netflix. 😃

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