All In – Homeschooling Update

​Soooo…great news! My wife and I did some trouble shooting with our daughter wanting to be at public school to make new friends and we’ve found a great solution 🙂 we joined a co-op and our daughter couldn’t be more excited. She has already made friends the girls in the program and our son has too with boys who are his age. God really gave us peace about this situation. Katie, our daughter, said she doesn’t want to go to public school any more and wants to be apart of the co-op. This made my week. Seriously. 

Today was curriculum refresh day. We loaded up on our zoology, spelling and vocabulary textbooks for 1st grade and some workbooks and tactile learning centers for our pre-k son. Katie has already been diggng into her zoology book and loves it. So yay for 1st grade and pre-k!! 🙂

Anyway, I just wanted to share the news. Thank you all for the AWESOME support you gave me in my last post. I can’t say how much that meant to me. You all were a really blessing and encouragement from the Lord. Bless you and your families! 🙂


4 thoughts on “All In – Homeschooling Update

  1. Happy for you!! My kids never had problems with the socialization thing. First off, most are extroverts LOL, then we live in the city, and we go to a big church. I think its harder when they are smaller to be honest, but after a few years they just kind of do their own thing. The thing I like about homeschooling is that I believe it mimics real life a little better. My kids study on their own, school on their own (like college) network with other people and churches, network with in our little neighborhood …. (my favorite) They learned how to cook, clean, and run a house hold and manage money. LOL!!

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    1. Oh I love that and I agree, home school mimics real life, which is what we’re after here I think. Plus mine are a good mix of outward and inward focused. My daughter can read for hours in her bedroom, then make brand new friends at the park and play for a couple hours. We live in a city and I think it is easier when there are mire people around, more options for friends.


  2. What a blessing! Homeschooling is definitely the best way to go and a co-op is a fantastic way to get some social interaction along with keeping your morals within the kid. At a public or private school they spend up to eight hours a day being influenced by people you have no knowledge of whatsoever, but with a co-op there’s that good intermediate found. They get enough time out of the house and you get enough time to influence them for the better. Going to my co-op when I was a kid in PA was one of the best experiences I ever had! Hope all goes well and she has a fun time there!

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    1. Amen to that. I couldn’t agree more, she’s spiritually and morally very impressionable and I really don’t have peace about outsourcing a good chunk of her day when she and my other kiddos aren’t fully developed to handle combating spiritual attacks that could so serious damage to them. Thanks so much for your support and God bless!!

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