2 Minute Devotional, Perspective – September 26th

Revelation 1:3,

Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.

It’s Monday. We leave behind the rest of the weekend (or for some of us, perhaps that rest is starting today?). But we are starting again. It’s all very cyclical. I almost feel like I’m in Groundhog Day and have checked into that B&B with Bill Murray down the hall. The cyclical nature of some things in our lives can’t be by accident. There is something about the process that is quite critical to our redemption as the very beloved of Jesus. There is something going on here, under the surface, maybe not that obvious when we only have an earthly perspective.

Did you know that there’s only one book of the Bible that is tagged specifically with a blessing associated with reading it and keeping the words of it close to your heart? That book is Revelation.

Why is that?

Revelation presents us with something that we don’t get in other places in Scripture, as detailed, as laid out. We get a story that lifts us out of our current, little story line, where ever that may be, and puts us in the midst of God essentially taking the world over, conquering it through Jesus. We leave our smaller stories as a baker, homemaker, teacher, rocket scientist, student, athelete, gamer, etc and take on a new role, beloved of God, son and daughter of God, a prince and princess of the courts of heaven, inheritor to the kingdom of God, heroes and heroines, warriors and warrior princesses. In other words: Big titles. God is all about doing things BIG. I think one reason God gives a blessing through our hearts being captured by his telling of the future, and current, story of the end and his Kingdom returning is because it helps us frame our lives, our current stories in God’s much, much, much larger story.

We need that. If we spend our lives with only our little stories in this world, disconnected from the much larger play that is on going in the heavens, in the spiritual realm around us, and also in the no-so-distant future, we miss out on enormous blessings.

Why blessed? Again, perspective. Today, I’m going back to work. If I solely had as my perspective today on my relationship with God in perspective to myself and maybe one or two people on average that I came into contact with about God and my role as a father and husband, I’m disconnected from the billion other stories God is in and also where I am going and where I am leading my family to, as children of our Father. In other words, the roles that I have only in this world aren’t enough. We need more. We are image bearers of an eternal God, who likes to think big. We need big. We were designed for it.

There is something about the process of me working that God setup for me to go through billions of years ago so that I could daily be more redeemed into the image of his Son. In addition to that process, there is a much larger macroscopic process at work here. There is an on-going war between the Kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of Satan for the control of all hearts on the earth. We are soldiers in that war, fighting and winning hearts to Jesus, saving them from destruction in Satan’s rage. The winners. those saved, have eternity with Jesus in the Father’s house and inherit his Kingdom. The losers, the damned, are cast into the lake of fire.

When we look at today in the lens of a story line caught up in God’s larger story, we find that we are a critical piece in a complex war scenario. We really don’t have enough time to do what we need to do, to proclaim Jesus to everyone. But we are the ones God has placed all of his chips on to win big. Granted, God’s will be done regardless, however, he plans to make his will happen through us. Oh and to make matters more difficult, at any moment, God might say, “Done,” and pull the plug initiating the final countdown.

Today isn’t just about making a paycheck. Today is about choices with others in our lives and paths that will determine their eternity. Not only that, but all the chaos, madness, scary things in the world fit into the larger process God is allowing in the world to bring about the End Times. We are characters in that script, the greatest story of all time. A story made up of heroes and heroines, lovers and destroyers, friends and betrayers. We are apart of it. Today, even this Monday, is a critical piece to that puzzle and you, my sisters and brothers, play an almost irreplaceable role in it. God doesn’t need us for this role, but he really, really wants us in it.

Today, my friends, when you step back into the routine, maybe a mundane one, remember you are playing a very critical role in God’s story. You are not the center to the story, however, you are very critical. Jesus is the center. You are the one he is pursuing like crazy. You and everyone else. Unfortunately, most everyone else doesn’t know his heart and there is a great red dragon, Satan, that is sniffing for blood to devour. You are a warrior and we are called to stand and fight the dragon. Because we are the ones the Holy Spirit has chosen to be his warriors.

So don’t get lost in the mundane, don’t get swallowed up by Monday or the new work week. Instead remember, you are right where God wants you at the moment. We just need to have our hearts all in on God’s story that he is the central Character in for the world. It gets pretty exciting too. Read through chapter 22 of Revelation to get the full force effect.

I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you so much for stopping by to read today. I hope you had a good cup of coffee or tea or whatever you fancy to get you up and on your way today. Remember that you are the apple of God’s eye. You are wonderful to him and that this whole story is about Jesus getting into your heart and everyone else’s heart. Because it’s all about him. He is wonderful. Bless you my sisters and brothers.


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