One Lovely Blog Award

I am all smiles on this post. I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog award by Saved and Blessed Blog …. wow, so sweet of her to nominate me and say such kind words about my blog. I’m totally humbled here and am very thankful.

So here is how it goes…

The Rules:
Thank the lovely person who nominated your blog and follow them. YES FOLLOW ME!

Display the award and add this set of rules to your post so that your nominees will know what to do

Nominate 15 other lovely blogs listing them in your post and notifying them via a link in one of their blog posts. (Ps – for my winners, I know that for several of you God is leading through busy seasons in life right now, so NO pressure on having to rewrite this post on your blog. I just want you guys to know how much I really enjoy reading your thoughts, and share it everyone else on WP!)

List 7 interesting facts about yourself to the post.

My nominees are:

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Lene –

Kiera –

Thoughtcascadeblog –

Jireh –

Angela & Love –

Matt –

Adinade –

Jeffrey King –

Lovelee –

Meg –

Beauty Beyond Bones –

Eauderain –

Being More Like Christ –

Past the Breaker –

Here are 7 interesting facts about me…

1) I have a degree in meteorology and have been storm chasing since I was 9 years old. I don’t work in meteorology though.

2) I am a total coffee addict and home roast my beans.

3) When I am on brain overload and doing training at work, I talk in my sleep.

4) When I was a freshman in high school, I would go to Krispy Kreme doughnuts with my dad and eat 14 doughnuts in about 20 minutes

5) Fall is my favorite season!

6) I know Hebrew (at an intermediate level) and am taking Greek lessons and love it.

7) I have been to Tegucigalpa, Honduras on a mission trip.

So now, go check out these AMAZING blogs I nominated above!! I love reading their woke and I think you will too!! 🙂 and def check out Saved and Blessed blog too because she’s awesome and has great posts!

Have a great night friends! God bless!!


25 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thanks for the nom! I’m so glad my words have been enjoyed and taken in by others 🙂 I appreciate your words…and all of them, really. I really enjoy reading your solidly encouraging thoughts.

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  2. Thank you Joel! (May I call you joel?) Your blog is fantastic and so inspiring to read each day. It’s an honor to have you recognize mine in such a way. May God bless you and yours this beautiful new day!!

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  3. Thank you so much for the nomination! I feel blessed to read your blogs!
    So cool to connect with God’s family.
    Cool to read about your facts. Storm chaser! Fun!
    Like twister the movie? Yikes! lol! Intermediate Hebrew….wow impressive!
    My dad studies Greek too. One of these days I would like to as well, if I can find the time.

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    1. Well I feel the same way about yours 🙂 and I totally agree, it’s super cool to connect with other people in God’s family!

      Yes! Exactly like Twister the movie! I started storm chasing so long ago, I have some amazing video I’ve taken of when I got really close to a 3/4 mile wide EF4 tornado. It was AMAZING!!

      Haha thank you on the Hebrew. I love Hebrew and I studied it some during my undergrad. But I’ve kept up with it over the years and slowly gotten good at it. That’s cool that you dad studies it too! It’s funny, because my dad studied it way before I did when I was a kid. And now that I’m older I remember him studying it and it’s one of the reasons I decided to take it up. You should totally do it! What books does your dad read on it? Is he advanced, intermediate or beginner? The textbook my dad and I are using is Rodney Decker’s Reading Koine Greek, and it’s fabulous.


      1. I will have to ask him. I’m not really sure. I know it’s one of several things my dad is doing.
        My dad has his head in about 100 things. He wants to do it all! He is 75 and he reads like crazy, paints, teachers, preaches, studies Greek. He reads reads and reads. Of course all the greats like Lewis and Spurgeon. I don’t know if you have heard T Austin Sparks, but he is really good.
        Anyway, you can see where I get it from! Lol!
        That is so cool about storm chasing! That, I’m sure is good topic in conversation. 🙂

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      2. That’s so cool! Lewis of course is amazing, so is Spurgeon. I’ve never read Sparks, I’ll have to check him out! Hey, it sounds like you have an awesome dad to learn from! I have one myself. He’s mid-60s, lives right down the street with mom and both of them are as on fire for Jesus as anyone I know. Dad and I usually get coffee on our lunch breaks once a week just to talk God and Greek. So is he still a preacher?

        I’ll have to find a pic on my FB from the last time I was really close to a tornado and I’ll put it on one of my daily posts at the end, just to be fun 🙂 Haha, you’re right! It definitely works wells at like business lunches or church social events.

        That quote you posted the other day from Lewis was so good. I’ve had that quote stuck in my head for over a decade; he was just sooo good. Another good guy who takes stuff from him is Dan Allender. I listen to his podcasts sometimes and he is just fantastic.


  4. What a blessing it is to have parents who Love the Lord. We are truly blessed. He does still preach and teach on occasion not every week. I did grow up a PK though, but he doesn’t pastor a church now.
    Yeah post some tornado chasing pics!
    Oh yeah Lewis is great! I quote him incessantly. I would love to have some tea with Lewis in heaven. Well he can have tea I’ll have coffee. 😜

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    1. That’s really cool that he still preaches! And yes we are very blessed to have parents that love Jesus! I haven’t heard of PK? Is that Promise Keepers?

      Haha, agreed. Lewis can have the earl grey, I’ll stick with the french press myself! 😉


    1. Haha!! Thank you!! I know i like reading people’s answers to these.

      I was reading your answers and I totally agree with you on #1, my schedule is SO busy right now, I really have to carve out time to blog. I’ve actually neglected studying Greek and Hebrew just to blog because I feel God placing emphasis on it.

      You said you were having doubt too? I’m curious, if you don’t me asking, what kind of doubt were you struggling with?

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      1. Hi Joel, yes so true. I just wrote a post about my doubt, as well
        To apologize to my readers. A very strange feeling and no want to write or inspiration, doubt that my blog is a good thing for God and not something I think is good for God’s glory but then shows to be the opposite. We definitely need God every day.

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      2. Hey, so as one of your readers I really think you’re spot on for sharing God’s heart and love in your blog, you’re honest about your struggles, but at the same time you use your struggles to point straight to Jesus. And that is a textbook example for how we should be using our struggles to point others to Jesus. Plus you have a TON of followers, which I know this isn’t a numbers game, speaking truth to one persons heart is as good as preaching to as thousand…what I’m trying to say is a lot of people relate to your writing and testimony and I’m sure God uses that to bless others!!

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      3. Good morning, that makes sense. Yes I want to share what is true
        And show how awesome God is by always being there for us. Honest I don’t know how people do this life without God. Every opportunity we face because a journey with God were we learn so much. Thank you for your support Joel.

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      4. Good morning! Oh I agree, I have no idea how people live life here without him. It’s like what Peter said to Jesus, where would we go Lord?

        You’re so right, every thing we encounter and do is part of the larger process of God growing us up into the image of his Son. Thank you for your support too!! 🙂

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