2 Minute Devotional, What is Required? – September 7th

Micah 6:8,

He has shown you, humanity, what is good. And what does Yahweh require from you? To do justice, to love favorable, merciful, kind loyal love, and to walk humble with your God.

A quick bit on the Hebrew, here it is…

הִגִּ֥יד לְךָ֛ אָדָ֖ם מַה־טֹּ֑וב וּמָֽה־יְהוָ֞ה דֹּורֵ֣שׁ מִמְּךָ֗ כִּ֣י אִם־עֲשֹׂ֤ות מִשְׁפָּט֙ וְאַ֣הֲבַת חֶ֔סֶד וְהַצְנֵ֥עַ לֶ֖כֶת עִם־אֱלֹהֶֽיךָ׃

The Hebrew word חֶ֔סֶד transliterated “hesed” means a lot of things, but revolves around love, with zeal and passion for that person with loyalty and kindness. I translated it as “favorable, merciful, kind loyal love” here, instead of picking and choosing the different parsings that different Bible translations have of it.
So today, what does God require of you? He asks that you 1) love justice. Are you going encounter an unjust situation? Oe processing an unjust encounter oe situation fro. yesterday may e? How will you purposefully insert yourself into the situation (as long as the Holy Spirit says it is OK to do so) in order to fight for justice to occur, to protect the weak and innocent? One place I fight is against human trafficking. Did you know that modern day slavery is occurring daily? That it’s occurring everywhere? One place we fight it is in Moldova through an orphanage called Stella’s House that takes orphaned teens off the streets of Chisenau and out of the reach of traffickers. Where does your heart want to do justice for God? Today is the day for you to fight.

2) Love. God REQUIRES you to love somebody! And not just a stay-at-arms-length love, no, he requires you to love another, love many others with utter abandon, loyalty, fierceness and flame. To give kindness when it is unexpected and mercy when anyone else would walk away or prosecute the offender. This is the kind of love Jesus requires of you today. Love with abandon, lose yourself in others who will protect your heart for Jesus and show wondrous loving kindness to everyone else.

3) Humility. God doesn’t need to see Facebook statuses about how we are so awesome and how everyone should look out for us because of our abilities and greatness and all the things we have done. No, listen my sisters and brothers, you are great. You are amazing and wonderful and fearfully made, but your identity is not in yourself, not in your education, or your picture perfect Facebook albums, or the places you travel, or the quotes you post, or your body, or your car, or house or job or social circles you are in, no, your greatness comes from the value Jesus sees in you. That you are worth it to him, to die for, that the God of the universe gave up everything only to win and woo your heart, that you are a beloved child of your Father. That this amazing God we call Jesus, you bear his image in your identity and his Holy Spirit lives in you and calls your body his temple. That is where your greatness lies. That is why you are the apple of his eye. That is why you are called Precious to him. You are incredible, wonderful, and beloved. But not because of yourself. Humility, true humbleness before our God, is repackaging rhe gift of the control of our image, of our identity to others, and handing it back to God. We give up the chance to to do it ourselves and instead say, I only want to do it with God. I can only do it with God. Because I am his before anyone’s, including myself. And I want to tell people that fact in the humility of living out my daily life.

Jeremiah 9:24,

but let the one who boasts boast about this: that they have the understanding to know me, that I am Yahweh, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight,” declares Yahweh.

So today friends, do justice, love like you’ve never loved before, and walk in humility in your day. 

Love you guys! God bless you with the loving embrace of his Spirit!!


2 thoughts on “2 Minute Devotional, What is Required? – September 7th

  1. The whole slavery thing is horrible! Its at a world wide high … higher than at any other time in History. Our city is on the list of top 10 cities in the U.S. to be abducted and flown out. Im taking notes by the way … I really enjoy the posts that are broken down like that so thank you 😊😆👍👌✌👏

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    1. I totally agree, it’s sickening. It’s Satan, he’s just all over slavery. It’s horrible and I pray for the day God wipes it off the face of the earth. Our city is prety bad too. And wow, thank you so much for that complement! I really appreciate it and always enjoy our conversations on here!! Hope you have a great night! 🙂 God bless

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