2 Minute Devotional, Spending Time Alone with Jesus – September 6th

I am starting a daily devotional! It’s intended to be a quick read. It is not intended to be a substitute for daily relationship with Jesus. It is intended to be a short read to help you realign the posture of your heart toward Jesus to help you cultivate intimacy with him throughout your day. I plan to post them first thing in the morning, as I’ve found that closeness to God in the morning changes my entire day. So with that, let’s begin my friends… 

But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. Matthew 6:6

God loves for us to be in community. He loves it when we are close to our brothers and sisters in our family of God. When we encourage each other, build each other up, make each other laugh and feel joy on a rainy day. But, there’s one really important thing that God loves, cherishes. Its’s when we worship him, one on one, just us and him. Me and God. You and God. Because we can’t be in community every moment of the day. Jesus frequently retreated to lonely places to be alone with his Father. And so he desires us to do the same.

Jesus taught us this model in this morning’s verse, Matthew 6:6. Get alone, shut the door, or in other words, God wants privacy with YOU. He desires intimacy with you, alone, without prying eyes or distractions, no matter how holy those other people and things may seem, God wants you all to himself for a time. So go for it today! When you’re alone in the car on the drive to work or running errands, when you’re making breakfast (or dinner), when you’re in the shower, worship him, talk to him, open up to him. It doesn’t need to be fancy, he just wants you! That’s all! Easy enough, right?! Do this and I think you’ll be on the start of good path for today 🙂 

You are NEVER alone. Even when it seems you are walking alone, instead turn it into an intimate private moment for you to worship and rest in Jesus’ crazy love for you. 

God bless you with his love and embrace today my sisters and brothers. You’re wonderful and LOVED!! Have an AWESOME day today because you are cherished in God’s heart and are the apple of his eye!


2 thoughts on “2 Minute Devotional, Spending Time Alone with Jesus – September 6th

  1. What a great idea for you to jot down a daily devotional for us – “your favorite readers” 😉
    Actually, I often time my time with Jesus to be in the shower, but I’d like to add that toilets can be amazing prayer stalls too… ha ha… especially if you’re out and feel frazzled for some reason.

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    1. I got some requests for a devo so I thought I’d start one! you’re definitely part of my favorite readers Lene! 🙂

      Yes, toilet time is a great time to block off with Jesus. I often head to the bathroom with a Bible 🙂 love that friend!!

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