Hey Guys! What’s Up?!

Hey everyone!! It has been a little too long since I posted on here! Just to catch everyone up to speed on my job situation…

  • I was recently offered a position with an exciting company in my town!

Things have been going well with me. I’ve spent a LOT of time with my family at home. When you’re laid off work, you get to do all the things you never usually get to do. Like…

  • Go to the zoo at 10am and stay all day
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Go to the library
  • Take an occasional afternoon nap via Mommy while the big kids have screen time and Sophie sleeps
  • Stay up every night till 1am
  • Spend time with God
  • Realize that even given optimal environmental conditions, the sinful nature is still so ingrained in my body, that I don’t spend enough time with God, enjoy the abundant time with my family, and am still do the things I hate to do (Romans 7:15). Change in Christ can take a loooooooong time. Which is ok. Because when sin occurs, grace increases even more so for us (Romans 5:20). But still, I want to be all God’s, not just partially. It’s a process. A lifelong process. And we have to be patient and ok with that duration of the process.

I would love to hear how all of you are doing! Leave a comment because I’ve missed discussing life with my brothers and sisters on the interwebs!! I took a brief break from WP after vacation. First it was intentional, to free up more time and mental space to worship and focus on my life. But then that rolled into the every day life and I woke up a couple days ago and realized, Hey, I haven’t blogged in like forever. Anywho….I hope everyone is great. I have kept a number of you in my prayers during these past silent weeks. As Paul wrote to the Colossians (2:5),

For though I am absent from you in body, I am present with you in spirit and delight to see how disciplined you are and how firm your faith in Christ is.

God bless you friends and hope you are having a fabulous weekend already!


14 thoughts on “Hey Guys! What’s Up?!

  1. Keep counting! There’s tons to count: the cost of being a disciple, treasures in heaven, blessings we receive here, and beans of course. Light city roasted from any region or varietal, and I can count for days (as long as I get to run water through their grounds and drink the resulting divine nectar)

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    1. Amen! Not sure if WP has a maximum character count for a post, but if it does, we’d reach it before we finished listing those!

      Light city all the way? I did a City+ on a Burundi the other week and it was really good. I did a Full City+ on a Yemen Mokha Ismaili (from Sweet Marias), it was the best cup I’ve home roasted. Actually your comment reminded me that I need to restock inventory on the green beans…I’m reordering now haha. Just got the East African sample set from Sweet Marias.

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      1. I’ve found that true for most east African. Once you hit FC on that region you really start to lose characteristics. But ive found pushing some regions to FC and FC+ can pull out some naturally hidden smokey flavors. Like Yemen, up to Full City+ really enhances the caramelly, brown sugar and sarsparilla flavors, just because you get that extra fire to help enhance it.

        But anything Vienna onward is just a waste in my experience. It’s just dark roast coffee at that point and it could be sourced from a greenhouse in Canada (not literally lol) or Timor, it just doesn’t matter.


  2. Brother!!! So nice to read from you. I have been absent from WP as well. So much going on right now. So much change and I have a feeling there’s more coming my way it can be overwhelming. Therefore, I just took time off also. I am so happy to read all the things you got to do while out of work. Such a great time with family and God. It is definitely a wise move to focus on the intimacy and quiet time with Him without interruptions.
    I’m so happy that you got a new job brother! Thank you Jesus!🙌🏽
    Blessings Joel☺️

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    1. Hey Jireh!! I understand completely. Very similar to my situation. How are things in your world sister?! How’s football season and your husband’s work schedule?

      Thank you about the job!! I’m super excited!! And guess what?! I have been excited to tell you this…I started having dreams that I really think are from God!

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      1. Ooooh wow I’m so happy the Lord is speaking to you in dreams! 🙌🏽
        Well football season is ON that’s for sure and this household has been Busy with a bi B. Though our hope for change is still On too. We believe something is cooking for us soon. We’ll see.
        I’m very happy that you found a new job in your town. Meaning closer to home, wow God is just sooo good.
        I have been working with women teaching the Word and helping them grow in their walk with Christ. That is taking a chunk of time from my schedule. It’s one of the reasons why I stopped WP for a little until I manage time well.

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