I have a slightly eccentric view on how the end times will unfold and today I want to walk everyone through how I get to my viewpoint. I am prewrath, not pretrib, on rapture timing. Lets take a 30,000 foot view and hit the high level points here. I’m assuming the reader has a background in eschatological terminology, definitions, and Scripture. Here are some high level bullets on what prewrathers believe that differs from the mainsream pretrib view:

  • The wrath of God does not coincide with the entire 7 year tribulation. Although exact timing may be difficult to nail down when on the 7 year spectrum the wrath begins, it is most likely right after the mid-point, or ~ 3 1/2 years.
  • The mid-point of the Tribulation occurs at the 6th seal. This is a very eccentric view, but it is at the 6th seal where God’s wrath, in Koine Greek we say God’s “ὀργή” or transliterated “orye,” is specifically called out.
  • The 7th seal refers to the church in Heaven right after the rapture.
  • Jesus warnings and prophecy about the end times in Matthew 24 is actually referring to the first 6 seals leading up to the mid-point. (Read through Matt 24 and Rev 6 and compare and contrast)

I also want to raise a couple other bullets to highlight how I read the antichrist:

  • The antichrist will most likely appear to be pro-Jewish. This is difficult to swallow, I myself am Jewish and love my people, but he will come as a wolf in sheep’s clothing (John 5:43, Daniel 9:27, Zechariah 13:7).
  • The tribulation is not a 7 year treaty as in Left Behind (which I was actually saved during reading), but as Daniel 9:27 says in the Hebrew, the antichrist will strengthen a covenant (the Hebrew word for strengthen is in the hiphil binyanim which to me says he is not creating a covenant, but strengthening an already existing covenant) with many for 7 years and then put an end to sacrifice midway into the 7 years. The covenant referred to is, in context here, most likely in my opinion the Levitical covenant. The antichrist will work to reestablish the old Levitical code, sacrifices will be re-instituted with his support. As I see this playing out, this will strongly dilute fringe Christians who mix relationship with God too strongly with political stances that are not tamed and centered under Christ. They will be deceived (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12) for the purpose of trimming the branches from the Vine (John 15:2) just before Jesus returns to take his bride and his people home. He is done with lukewarm followers and will spit them out of his mouth (Revelation 3:16). If a person’s heart loves politics and culture to the point that it dilutes their pure worship of Jesus, so be it, but that person cannot follow Christ (Luke 14:26) – just as with any other idol that stands in the way between a person’s heart and God.
  • The antichrist will fight a series of wars against most likely Egypt, possibly the Saudis, Turkey, Syria, possibly ISIS if they are still in existence, Hezbollah, possibly Iraq, he will fail to capture Jordan and he will then enter Israel to most likely wipe out the PA (Palestinian Authority). He will go to Jerusalem and declare himself god in the temple 3 1/2 years into the tribulation near or at the 6th seal. He will be rejected by the Jews and murdered with no one to help him. (Daniel 11:40-45)
  • The antichrist will most likely be European, probably southern European (Daniel 9:26; eg Italian)
  • I reject claims that the antichrist is Assyrian/Islamic. I believed this for some time, but I no longer see the Biblical evidence for this claim as being weighty. I believe the evidence for the antichrist being European to be much stronger.

I was turned to the pre-wrath view after watching my Greek tutor’s colleague Alan Kurschner and his debate wtih Tommy Ice (friends with Tim Lahaye, author of Left Behind). Alan is a PhD candidate in Koine Greek linguistics. Part I of their debate is here (Parts III & IV are the best in my opinion, so make sure to watch all of the parts!). The main focus in Parts III & IV is on the Greek linguistics of 2 Thessalonians 2. Alan makes a very convincing argument that the original Greek is saying the rapture occurs after the antichrist and the deception occur.

So this post was mainly the 30,000′ of my view of the end. I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments!  Also, the post feature image is a still frame from Captial Kings featuring Reconcile’s new video I Can’t Stop, which is UH-MAY-ZING, so def check that out.



29 thoughts on “Apokalypsys

  1. Im kinda in the “I dont know” area as wether there will be a rapture at all. Its not really based on anything Scriptural. I just look around and see things that make me think, this is what Gods wrath looks like already, ebola, (worked in hospice with A.I.D.S. patients), a Priest getting his throat cut in France, … I just think, Where are You Lord? Instances in my own life when I thought it couldnt get any worse. I wish I had the luxury of non belief sometimes. This was a really great read. 👍

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    1. Thank you friend for the complement 🙂 I’ve read your stuff on here and I take my shoes off here, I haven’t walked through half the stuff you have. Seriously. Bless you and your heart for all that you’ve walked through faithfully with Jesus.

      One day I should write a post on the rapture itself and just walk through the theology and the linguistics behind it. It’s definitely not one of those core beliefs of our relationship with Jesus (Like the cross), we don’t all have to agree on it, but I have been very blessed in it.

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      1. That would be great actually. Im so confused by half of what is debated that it makes my head spin LOL!! So I finally got to the point of, Jesus, come get me when You are ready; in the meantime Im just going to keep moving and if I die, I die LOL

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  2. This is so interesting!
    I’m not too knowledgeable in eschatology. Though, the other day mom and I were talking about how God’s behavior and personality has always been the same through history. We noticed that He always saved His people right before the time of catastrophe in every episode of major judgement preceded by God in the Bible . For instance, The Flood or when the People of God escaped from Egypt or even Sodom and Gomorra. I mean, when I see such grace performed my God in every instance of His wrath through History, it leads me to think He’s going do the same with His last Display of judgement.

    Thanks for sharing your input brother. Been reading Apocalipsis (As we say in Spanish) and God willing will tackle Daniel. I need to learn more about this subject that’s for sure. 🤔

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    1. Thank you sister! Oh definitely agreed on his grace. He was doing that with Sodom and Gomorrah right up to their demise, if there were just 10 righteous people he would have spared them, and look at Jonah and Nineveh. His grace is like an ocean.

      OK so slightly different subject, I think I had a vision a couple nights ago and wanted to tell you since we were talking about having them. I’ve talked about it with my wife and a couple friends since.

      My wife fell asleep early last night and I was wide awake so I went upstairs to put a show on in the background and spend some time with Jesus on the futon. I’m worshiping and it was great and then I get almost to the point of falling asleep, the boarderline awake/asleep phase, and I start to see a couple things. I see Jesus descending down on my home, into the room to be with me. It was wonderful, like he was making a private rendezvous just to be with me. But then, I see this guy standing next to me with like an ice pick picking my brain. It scared me. I was afraid of him, even though I felt so close to Jesus. And then I saw snakes wrapping themselves around me and I just prayed for Jesus to protect me and it went away.

      It was odd. Maybe I was just dreaming ever so slightly, but I don’t think so. This whole situation is weird, it’s like God let me see that to say evil is all around me, trying to perturb my hinking and wrapping itself around me. The thing is, I honestly don’t feel under spiritual attack. I’m not struggling emotionally, I’m joyful most of the time. I’m very much at peace right now with Jesus and his plan and being in this situation. I guess my question is, Is there something Jesus wants me to learn or see here that I need to know and don’t already know?

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      1. Ok, first of all it’s important to understand that dreams and visions are most likely to be parabolic, full of similes and metaphors. With that being said. What I see here is as follows:
        The Lord is showing that you have the power in Jesus to defeat anything that might come your way in the form of a lie and deception (snakes), attacking your mind (the guy with the ice pick).
        The enemy is a lier.

        It could be deceptive people or it could be thoughts coming to your head directly from the enemy trying to make a hole in your helmet.

        “Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”
        ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭6:17‬ ‭NIV‬‬

        Read the armor of God when you can in Ephesian 6.

        With the Word of God you will defeat the enemy. In the vision you spoke and called on Jesus for help. You saw Him coming toward you, that means that whatever happens He is right there with you.
        Do not be afraid!
        It is better to have a heads up from God than walking in total darkness. So this is good brother.
        Sorry I took my time. I try not to interpret this things lightly.

        Have an awesome night!🙌🏽🙏🏽

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      2. That’s great sister! I think during this season I need to pay special attention to my armor. When I do my morning time with Jesus every day, I’m going to spend extra time focusing on my armor.

        And see that’s what I was thinking it was, not just an assessment of what is going on currently but more of a heads up. So I will be taking extra care to have my armor on ehen I wake and throughout my day. Also I will be on the lookout for deception and lies with people and especially with thoughts in my mind that I encounter and I will pray for an added dose of a discerning spirit. Good wisdom sister!! You’re always such a blessing to talk with! Hope you are having a blessed evening!

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      3. My pleasure brother. All glory to God! 🙌🏽 I’m keeping you in my prayers you know that.
        God is so awesome, He cares so much for us it’s amazing! This is a great season of going deeper for you. Look what a little extra time does. Isn’t it great?!

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  3. I enjoyed your overview of Revelations and end times. I’ll be re-reading it to hopefully get some extra out of it!

    I believe we should not let Revelation intimidate us. We should read it and know it, even if we don’t fully understand it. If we’re watching as Jesus instructed in Mathew, what doesn’t make sense now will later as things happen.

    I would very much like your feedback on a series I did last January, also about end times and their basis in Genesis. It’s four parts, starting with https://jeffreyhking.wordpress.com/2016/01/27/giants-old-testament-slaughter-greek-gods-bigfoot-and-technology-part-1/

    I’ve also read about the Vatican’s LUCIFER device and how they are starting to say they will need to consider ministering to ET’s. They also say we may have to listen to more advance ET’s who know God better than we, and straighten out our understanding of God and Jesus.

    To which I react…???????

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    1. Thank you so much Jeffrey!! I completely agree with what you said on Revelation. I’ll read through your series tomorrow and digest them. Yes, I have heard of the LUCIFER device! Do you listen to or read Tom Horn or Chris Putnam by any chance. Lots of weird things happening in the Vatican! Have you ever listened to Fr Malachi Martin’s interviews from the 1990s on the Vatican or read his book Windswept House?

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  4. A few points: not all believers will be taken aside, there seems to be a difference between body and bride.

    The third temple will be an abomination as it will reinstitute Kabbalah which is rooted in Babylon.

    Antichrist was said, by a Jew to Jews, to be “from us not of us.” Already many Messianic law keepers, who I have had extensive experience with, are apparently prepared to wipe out all who don’t go with the 613 laws. Yet none of them dig a hole outside the city and use a stick for a crappy job.

    The fourth temple is the one to build. About rapture, Matthew 24:29-31 says what we need to know about timing but bear in mind Revelation 3:10-14

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    1. That’s an extremely astute observation Pete, one that I I have believed for years, and I agree with you, there is a difference as far as I can tell between body and bride. And I think it’s purely driven by the type of relationship we have with Jesus on Earth. Do we desire him here, do we pursue him, do we let him woo us, is he our all above all? This is the bride. The others in the body are the foolish virgins.

      I’m not sure if i agree that not everyone in the body will be taken, but for sake of argument, I won’t push that one 🙂 I can’t comment on if Kabbalah will be the main driver or if orthodoxy Judaism will be the driver.

      However, I do think that the Jews might have the wrong spot where they think the temple was located. I’m not convinced it was on the “temple mount” where the dome of the rock sits today. And I think this can probably be proven with josephus’ accounts and where the Roman anotnia fortress was located in relation to the temple. Chuck Missler did a show on this a couple months ago that I highly recommend here: https://youtu.be/_FpQiJEhK0k

      I think you get this Pete on the rapture timing. And agreed, the verse you specified in Rev 3 needs to be accounted for. But I take that as referring to the wrath, post 6th seal. But agreed, that’s a grey area.

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      1. The important part is to adhere to His will, in a loving relationship. I’m not Jewish but I don’t eat pork. I am no law keeper but don’t want to offend. I also don’t eat meat when at the same table as a Hindu or a Vegan. In the same way, I seek to pleasure my Creator, out of love, as righteousness is love. Disrespect is not love. If we get this right, everything else becomes irrelevant. 🙂

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      2. Romans says something similar (regardless of whether one considers it cannon) of not causing someone to stumble because of their food choices (or in general any choice). God doesn’t want us to be stumbling blocks to others in the church, but not sure if non believers would fall in that category for all things.

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  5. This was interesting post. I will have to do some reading on this presented view.
    What gets me is that many churches done preach on eschatology hardly at all, so no wonder not many people have a view on it. I think they see it as not all that important, but if it’s not all thAt important why is so much of the Bible talk about it.
    Do some more posts on the subject! 🙂
    Good post!

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    1. Thank you Johanna!! I couldn’t agree more on the lack of preaching on the end times. I have been to some very good churches that just completely ignore prophecy even though, I think the number is about 33% of the Bible is devoted to prophecy!

      Not sure if you are pretrib or not, I was for over a decade until just this year, and I know that this one post didn’t properly vet out all the theology to get to the prewrath view. I might shoot for that in a future post. My mom and I are really close and she is pretrib and we have had long conversations going back on forth on this one. Regardless, he is near!! Come Lord Jesus! The Spirit and the bride say come! 🙂

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      1. Amen! Well I tended towards the pretrib view, but I would like to understand a little more about what this view.
        It’s one thing that that I don’t have a full grasp on and want to know more, and it frustrates me that the maby churches put it on the back burner.

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      2. Amen to that, and the big churches I’ve been to do the same thing. There’s just not a lot of interest in it from the pulpit which is a shame.

        I’ll lost another one soon and walk through 2 thessalonians 2 in the Greek to get to my interpretation. I didn’t do a very thorough job of showing that here.

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  6. Digging in deep! Sure was a fascinating read. I agree with your other commenters, the churches I have been to over the past years steer clear of any sermons on revelation, prophecy, even sometimes to the dramatic point of not talking much about the Holy Spirit. I have read through the entire Bible a few times, and so I’ve read through Revelations each time. I’ve also read it a few more times, here and there, but it is a very weighty book, which is hard to understand. I can see that you’ve put much hard-work into the subject. I’m looking forward to reading the other posts you linked to, and a book…A BOOK! 🙂


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