Prayer Request – Jobless

So, I have a bit of news to share. Unfortunately, the company I worked for had layoffs today. Our sales have been very bad recently. I worked in finance as a senior financial analyst. I was let go. It wasn’t due to performance issues or anything, it was literally the company is practically going under at this point. I have trust and faith in Jesus through this, I know that he will carry us through this.

Actually this isn’t the first time this has happened. I worked for another company earlier in the year and was laid off there. I detailed this in my old blog The Plank Project. I really felt like I was faithful during that time in trusting him, I think my whole family was. But, for some reason, we have to walk through this again. I’m ready. Let’s do this God, I trust you, wholeheartedly.

I’m ready to process all this stuff. The joy of Yahweh is my strength! I am going to walk through this in faith with him, and the joy of his love for me is totally going to rock me and my family’s world. I love you Jesus. Even though it’s a little hard right now. I know you are here with me 🙂 and that’s what matters.

I would really, really appreciate your prayers right now. The icing on top? Today is my birthday. lol



49 thoughts on “Prayer Request – Jobless

  1. Awwwww…. God will definitely make a way were there seems to be no way. He is doing something behind closed doors and very soon it will be out in the open. God will perfect all that concerns you. I was really moved by this though. God has got you covered…

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  2. LOL! Keep that sense of humor; that will carry you a long ways! Praying and I will call our prayer team at our church on your behalf. I don’t know if this is true for you, but guys react differently from a job layoff than women … more prone towards depression. If you feel it sneaking up … take the fam to a park or something, don’t let it get you. Happy Birthday B.T.W. this is just a blip on the radar of life.

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    1. Haha thank you so much! And thank you for your prayers and at the church. I don’t deserve that, thank you, that makes me smile 🙂 and thank you for the bday wishes!! I totally agree, it will be in the rear view.mirrow soon enough!

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      1. Prayer is the easy part! Its the shock of being laid off initially that hits people the hardest, that little surge of fear. My extended family work construction so Im familiar with it

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      2. Yeah the shock is never easy. My family ran a shop and they had to do it a lot. I work in finance and accounting, so I usually have an idea of when they have to start doing layoffs to stay profitable. It’s still no fun!

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  3. I’m so sorry Joel . . . I have a few things I want to share that will hopefully give you a bit of encouragement. 1. Happy birthday! I know getting laid off is a terrible birthday gift but I hope the day is fun and an awesome celebration otherwise. 2. Thank you so much for the prayer you prayed for mom in answer to my post today. It’s incredible to know there are people praying all over the world for us–it’s really humbling too. I know your prayer reached His ears and I’m so grateful you took the time to do that. 3. I prayed for you too! I just sat in my backyard under the afternoon sun and asked the Lord to bring you an even better job opportunity than you ever thought possible. I prayed that your family remains strong during this time and that He would provide for all of you. And I thanked Him for putting my prayer request before you today so that you could pray for my mom, and so that I could then pray for you too (bringing to mind James 5:16-18!) Phew, sorry for the long comment. But I just wanted to say thank you so much and hang in there as best you can. God’s got it all under control, He’s so faithful, and I think He’s going to use this time to show you just how mighty and creative He is. Praying for you and all the best, Kiera

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    1. Kiera I am at a loss for words at what you said. You brought tears to my eyes. Seriously. Thank you.

      So 1) thank you so much for the birthday wish. My family got me a Saint Honore instead of cake and I’m totally stuffing my face with it tonight haha! 2) you are so welcone. I feel the same way because you are praying for me across the world. And in really blessed that we get to share tidbits of our lives and our relationships with Jesus on here. I don’t know you in real life, but I bet you are a rockstar person to be around and a devoted follower of Jesus, with a wonderful heart 🙂 3) this was so kind of how you prayed for me in the backyard under the sun. I won’t forget that 🙂 I prayed for your parents here at home and on my drive home from my work. I was crying out for them in that time for Jesus to heal and provide. I love that too, how he brought us here to both pray for each other today-i absolutely love that thought. I’m excited to let Jesus work through me in this season.

      All the best to you too frend. Hope you have and wonderful evening, Joel

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  4. Joel the Lord gave me this word for you while reading what happened.

    “I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.”
    ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭3:8‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    My heart is literally pounding hard while writing. This is something God wanted you to know.
    This is a blessing in disguise a gift for your birthday. It might not look that way right now but trust just like you said, trust.
    You will see God!
    Now cheer up! Go eat some birthday cake and celebrate. happy Birthday Joel!

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    1. Jireh, the way God speaks through you is amazing. Speaks through you. I treasure these verses you gave me from Jesus. I know God spoke through you there and I’m holding on to these words from him as a life raft. His Word. I believe that too, it’s a birthday gift in disguise!

      I’m totally going to cheer up! My wife bought me a saint Honore and I’m eating that thing up tonight! You’re awesome sister and thank you so much!!

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  5. I believe you’ve entered a time of rest. A time to commune with your Friend like never before. A time where only in Him you will have supernatural peace. And I pray for this next job to be closer to home so you don’t spend so much time on the road and more where it matters most. You need rest and the Lord loves you so much that He is moving things around to make everything better.

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    1. I love that! I want that with God!! And yes, definitely, a job closer, I’ll take it.

      Yes rest! Just like we were talking about! I had another really confirming moment with God today, I’ll have to tell you about it soon! It was crazy!

      Thank you sister! So much!

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  6. Happy birthday to you! I believe He will honor your heart as you trust in His intentions and His heart for you. Today being your birthday goes to show that He will be faithful to fulfill His purpose through you, a one-of-a-kind vessel, crafted for specific reasons. Thank you for your faithfulness, and Him, for His.

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    1. Thank you so much!! That made me smile 🙂 your words are always so kind!! And i love that perspective on it being my birthday and rhat he will be faithful in fulfilling his purpose! That’s brilliant! Great! Hope you have a wonderful evening!!

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      1. I hope you do, too. I see you spreading so much joy even on the Internet and feel strongly that He has much greater things in store for you, that you shall be strong and courageous because He will be with you WHEREVER you go! Bless you. Thank you because seeing you praise Him even during the valleys encourages me, and I know that He will again enable you to walk on the heights.

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      2. Aw, thank you. That made me smile. Bless you too, you seem like someone who has a very kind and pure heart 🙂 he’s so good to us, let’s worship him at all times, amen!

        Hope you have a good night!! 🙂

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  7. Joel……I am speechless. You are young and have a family to feed, a new little Sophie added to the fray there, one happy chorus, I suppose. Or is it that way?

    One can act brave yet have gnawing fear inside.

    A sense of humour may last six months but eighteen years later, with no real outcome, it can become hard. People are so compassionate and empathetic while just being pathetic. A nice way to handle this, is for someone to say “Joel, I feel $100 sorry for you.” That amount is what I am getting as a disability grant here and it is as useless here as it is over in the USA. Yet, if enough people would feel $50 sorry for you, or $500, or $20 sadder than sad and wanted to help you, you could make bond/rent, pay for food, etc. Let me guess, nobody is prepared to eat in and skip the diner or cut satellite channels on television out of compassion.

    This is why I am posting my story, so that people can read your future without needing a fortune-teller. Jesus already provided for you by placing something in the bank account of another, but will they hoard His funds, be corrupt and keep it to themselves, or are they going to use HIS money for their brother now in need?

    We have a Christian sister living in her car in the USA, trying to do three jobs. Yeah, she is living the American dream in the same way that my wife and I are suffering badly for what is called white privilege. Reality is a different street. Love is a cul-de-sac. Or too steep for most to attempt, as delivering tangible lobe to your doorstep is just too much to ask. They’d have to give up on Pokemon, fry their angry birds for dinner and stare at a black TV screen like I do. Too much of a sacrifice.

    My prayer of indignation is my first gift to you, hoping that some would take it to heart. That bringing you a verse is kind but dropping a basket of food is more useful. Had I money in my house, I really would have sent you something from here in Africa. I sadly am as broke as the next person and nobody here is practically sorry for me, either.

    They do tell me how I feel.

    I walked like a question mark, with a crooked back, sixteen miles a day in all manner of weather, to try start something literally from nothing. Most people say they have nothing yet they have Dstv, or a car, or something, plus a little bit of cash. All I had, was the shirt on my back and a traumatised wife, two hungry children. The school ordered my daughter to dish out bread to poor black children while she did not get any, as she is white. Yeah, around here, you need to be “previously disadvantaged” to be loved. When I found out what torture she is being put through, I put an end to it. She and my son still did not get a sandwich.

    A sense of humour is good, yet after eighteen years later and having estranged children because of hardship others did not feel sorry for enough, we do not even get to see our grandchildren. I could not go to bury my own mother in April when she died. Sixty miles away; it just as well could have been across the Atlantic, as anything beyond walking distance is just out of reach. An American gave me a mandate to buy gold from African miners, yet he expects me to do this without having money to make a phone call, even. How do I get gold over to him? He also could not spare me, out of his tremendous fortunes, $50 so I could go bury my own mother. I do have is proof of funds, worth US$10m, with another worth US$50m waiting in the wings. Yet he felt uneasy risking fifty dollars on me for my mother’s funeral.

    Our daughter is moving into a house just five miles from me today. My wife and I cannot go there to see our grandchildren, because our daughter was hurt in church and wants nothing to do with religion. Same as our son who now works in a nightclub. As the famous big church from Australia’s local branch rejected him, did not see fit to let him use his talents for Yahweh instead of Satan. Also he has turned his back on his parents who are foolhardy enough to still believe that HE is going to save us from our situation. Failure since 1998 is proof enough for them to know God doesn’t exist; church made sure of that.

    I do hope that those showering you with Scripture, Joel are going to see into the future where Sophie may end up. That they will consider your other two kids and how they will react, on empty stomachs, to well-meant verses. To people who don’t have a sorry dollar in their pockets.

    This is why I am posting my story, so that people can read your future without needing a fortune-teller. Jesus already provided for you by placing something in the bank account of another, but will they hoard His funds, be corrupt and keep it to themselves, or are they going to use HIS money for their brother now in need? And for our sister living in her car?

    I have been through this and still stand amazed by the talk about faith that runs like thick sewage through Christianity, yet with very little to show for it. Talk by faith but walk by sight. Untested faith is just hypothetical. After 18 years, if you still have a sense of humour left, or an inkling of faith and if you then can still praise God (as I generally do) without seeing any sign of a positive outcome, then we can start assessing the situation from a forensic perspective. Audit the many sayings by others, see how much of it had integrity.

    Now, Joel, you are buried deep with just your head sticking out. Let the crowd stone you, let the one without sin or blemish cast the first $100 upon you.

    Jeremiah 6:27: “I have set you as a tester of My people…….”

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    1. I meant, let the one who is NOT without sin cast the first $100 toward you. To lay down his/her life for you, to show, not tell, Jesus’ love for you. 1 John 3 v 17-18, but read the entire chapter, folks!


    2. Thank you Pete for your prayers and your kind heart. I am so sorry to hear that about your son and daughter’s hearts and not being able to see your grandchildren. I can’t imagine how difficult that would be to go through as the father and leader of your family. I will pray for God’s reconciliation in this. You have endured much trial in this world brother and I know your deeds have a special place before our God. Your willingness to show action shows that you practice your faith out before others, you sound good in both word and deed. I hope you are having a blessed day with the closeness of Jesus’ presence.

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      1. OK sounds good!! Thank you for the update brother!! I was curious about that, I just saw that.

        Hey guess what? I’m manually roasting now. Making a pot of Yemen right now 🙂

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      2. Hahaha. Predictable, very true. Colombian is like the base standard over here. I rarely get it. I roasted some Yemen today. I got a bag of unroasted Burundi. Plan on roasting that in a week or two.

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      3. Too many Christians, especially missionaries, end up with broken families, due to sacrifices they make. Your kids are young, may our Father provide you all with the stability you need right now. May others chip in to help, wish I could.

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      4. Thank you brother, your fellowship and kind words are more than enough. And same to you.

        Hey I think I got an email from you, I can’t open the attachment. Google is acting weird for me lately. What were you trying to send?

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      5. It was a mention of Scripture after I prayed about your unplanned holiday. All about gifts for building the temple and in Zachariah the crowning of Yeshua in Chapter 6 from verse 9. It all boils down to temple building. Ministry,usually.

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      6. Thank you brother that’s too kind of you 🙂 I love how you put your faith into action. Seriously, you really image Christ in that way.

        I love those verses, that’s good stuff. Temple building ministry.

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      7. I like the 10 blogs I follow post. I need to do that myseld. Cool idea! Hey one thing though, since you switched, I’m having trouble liking and commenting. I use the WordPress app on my Droid and it won’t pop anything to comment

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  8. I’m sorry to hear this. If it’s any consolation, I’ve been through similar trials on more than one occasion, and somehow, everything’s managed to work out for the better. Maybe not the way I’d hoped it would, but still better, nonetheless. Just hold onto your trust in God, and know that He loves you.

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  9. My dear friend – I just read this today – 2 days later. How are you doing?
    I tried to read through all the comments, but there are so many… I love the scriptures and prayers and kindness and love shown to you. I actually agree with Pete about the $100… it’s a very subtle way to show Jesus’ love. Since you work in finance and can afford r-e-a-l-l-y good coffee 😉 I’m guessing you are not near poverty yet, though you may not be rich?
    Joel, I’ll just pray for you right here, right now:
    Our Lord Jesus,
    Your compassion never ends, You never fail your people and Your love is our reason to live.
    Thank you for my precious brother Joel and his family. I praise you Lord for the ways You have worked in his life, for the blessings You have given them and the constant reassurance that You will not fail them. Your ways are higher than our ways Lord. We may not understand the why or even the how or Your timing, but we put our trust in You, asking you to help Joel and his family to not loose the hope You give and to trustingly follow Your way. I ask You Lord for a new and better and closer to home job for Joel.
    You are the God Who provides for His people in the wilderness. You are the God Who draws us near and holds us tight when the storm is raging. As You provided for Your people in the wilderness by Your tabernacle, I ask that You provide for Joel the guidance and comfort he needs.
    In Jesus’s precious Name.
    – Joel, you will be in my prayers and I’ll be in touch through email.
    Love in Jesus.

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    1. My friend, your kind words are a treasure from God right now. Thank you for your prayers. No, we’ll be OK for now, God has provided and oh, Lene, I got a homeroaster. I’m roasting coffee at home! Wish I could comment you a bacth!! It’s fabulous! I want to say a prayer over you as well. Jesus, I thank you for my sister Lene and her family. Her heart is a reflection of yours and is incredible, pure, hopeful and comforting. I thank you for the small bit of fellowship we can enjoy on here and look forward to endless thousands upon thousands upon eternities of years of friendship in our Father’s house. I pray you bless her with a little extra joy today, an extra smile and your loving presence, because that’s all we want, is you Jesus. In your name, amen.

      In Jesus,

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