Let’s Pray Right Now for Turkey, Kenya, France

Can we come together in this blogging space to agree in prayer, as brothers and sisters before Jesus, for healing, justice and peace in all the places hit by terrorists and violence this past week? For revelation of the Spirit to those affected and hurt and destroyed. For Jesus’ salvation to spread like wildfire across the world. Especially  the military coup on going in Turkey right now, the massive attack on Nice and the Al Shabaab attacks on Kenya in the past week?

18 thoughts on “Let’s Pray Right Now for Turkey, Kenya, France

  1. Am in support! I know pastors and Christians in Kenya. Yet I grew up with this kind of thing, a communist onslaught but also from very radical Christians. We lived in a state of emergency. Bombs, missiles, rockets, grenades, gunfire. Lord Jesus, protect those with Your mark especially, Ezekiel 9. We know You predicted this yet it is hard to witness. Give courage to innocent people. Protect according to Your will. We thank You, Jesus, praise be unto Your Holy Name, amen!

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    1. We have several kids we support and we have 3 boys we support through Compassion in Kenya (we really want to visit them one day) and so I like to keep up with what happens in Kenya, American media is ridiculously biased in what they cover and rarely reports stuff from Africa. I pray for that whole country to be found in his book!!

      I never grew up in that Pete. It’s safety and security here. It makes for an interesting church dynamic which I bet we could one day in the Father’s house compare notes, over a cup of coffee of course!

      It is hard to watch. He predicted it, knew it, used it to his purpose, but it’s hard to watch. God bless brother!! Praise to Jesus in all things!!

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      1. I know pastors in Zambia, DRC, Kenya, Zimbabwe and other countries here on the African continent. One thing making communication difficult is distance. Imagine a piece of land 3,5 times the size of the USA, some 54 sovereign countries, mostly at war with each other and themselves. Major world powers and intelligence agencies secretly funding rebels & civil war, so that they can exploit minerals. Travel is really challenging as one cannot fly everywhere and roads are beyond terrible. Sometimes, covering ten miles in one day is an achievement. Little or no telephony nor internet. Many still go on foot or via bicycle. A question: of the aid you send, a) how much of it really reaches its destination and b) how effective is it in reaching anyone for Jesus? We here know that what is reported to donors many times is the opposite of what is happening. There are a few honest agencies but they are the exception.

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      2. Great questions! So for a) we get an itemized breakout of where our donation goes to. There is is a small, ~$3 fee that goes to support general & administrative expenses, and the rest, ~$40 goes directly to the child. We are in contact with the children via letters and the children will write us to tell us what they buy with some of our donation money. Also we have correspondence with their pastors as well who can attest to these things I believe. Compassion is also highly regarded by a third party auditing vendor, Charity Navigator, as far as efficiency for donations going straight to the children. B) please read some of the stories on compassion.com. we get their magazine and are highly effective at reaching people for Jesus. They are in the trenches getting work done. Some of the stories are just mind blowing to me. We’ve done our homework. As a financial analyst myself I’ve felt comfortable with this.

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      3. That is good news, if it goes like that. I must say, the very last thing I’d trust around here is a pastor, the kids are a safer bet. But I must tell you that I came across portfolio’s of such institutions at donors, with my own children’s photo’s and stories on them. Not that they ever got a cent while we were living through yet another severe winter, 2006, in toy tents. I am a former auditor at our IRS & DoD flavours; their documentation was in place. As for the added proof, you and I both know that, in today’s world, things get created so easily. I tried to contact you via your contact form but had no response. I cannot explain a few things in public. WordPress is neither meant nor made for that.


      4. I must have missed your original email. I get WordPress emails on that account all the time because it send me an email every time a blog I follow posts something. We can take this offline, send me another email, same email account and I’ll be looking for it this time. I apologize for that!!

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  2. Amen brother. I’ve been crying out for the nations in my secret place. Yesterday I felt this deep sorrow inside and used it as fuel for prayer. I’ve been also sensing such a heaviness that sometimes can get overwhelming. The Lord spoke to me and said “My Joy is your strength. Don’t lose your Joy.”

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    1. Thank you sister. I liked how Pete put it, you said this would happen, but it’s still tough to watch. I like what God said to you, I’m seeing a lot of my secular friends and younger believers just get overwhelmed with what is going on, but even as I type this I hear Jesus repeating, ‘Do not let your hearts be troubled.’ For the very reason you gave.

      As an American christian, I think a lot of the church here wouldn’t know what to with half the things Pete has experienced and the church in Africa, or the 1st century church under persecution from Rome! But I think we’re on the precipice of something much, much worse. We just have to wait on our blessed hope! Our Jesus! 🙂

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      1. It might sound strange but this is a great time to be alive. As christians we must keep our cool like you say, we must learn to enter into this place to receive life strategies and also to teach others to enter in and seek God differently. As you said, people here in America has no clue what it’s real persecution. All the things that are happening has an inevitable awakening affect on the church to thirst for God like never before, therefore to intercede the way we’re call to do. A lot of people are coming to Christ because of crisis. Bless you brother🙌🏽

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      2. It is a great time to be alive. It’s never been like this before. Satan has been allowed so much power right now, but it’s all for Jesus’ purpose. I’ve also seen a lot of pruning in the church lately. It’s tough to watch, but I think we’re so close that Luke warm is about the most dangerous place anyone in the world could be. But on the flip side, intimacy with God is SO avaliable! The Spirit and the Bride say come!!

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