Brazil Fazenda California Review!

Over the weekend I got a message from a good friend that our scheduled meet up while he was in town would have to be cancelled due to logistics. I had been setting aside some Starbucks Reserve for our time to hangout, but since it was now cancelled I figured this Monday morning called for something a little special. So I broke out the Sbux Brazil Fazenda California a few days early this morning! Let’s talk about the experience!

I brewed it with my trusty Aeropress, water at just around 200 degrees F, prime conditions. During my initial pour there was some good froth. I stirred and poured a second dose of water and then pressed.


So here’s the good and bad…bad first. This wasn’t the absolute best coffee I have ever had. I would put it in the top 15/top 20, somewhere in that range. But I really wasn’t expecting it to go higher than that. I was just looking for a good cup.

The good was a really good cup of coffee. The notes of toasted hazelnuts, brown sugar, and lemon were all over the place. It was so smooth. It was just enjoyable to drink. I made a second press after and drank it on my way to work. It was just really, really tasty. Was it worth it? Sure, absolutely! It’s a great treat to mix up my coffee routine. The flavors are on point. I mean c’mon, how can you go wrong with hazelnuts and lemon with some brown sugar flavors? It’s like drinking a little bakery in. Is it a superstar? No. We’re not talking Lebron or Steph Curry level coffee here, we’re talking James Hardin level coffee. It’s solid, you know it’s going to make waves and do something, but it’s not going to win MVP or anything. And it’s definitely not going to the Finals. But it’s still a solid performer.

So…now that I’ve shared my brew for today, what kind of coffee have you been brewing to kick off Monday?

God bless!!


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