10 thoughts on “The Pursuit

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂 I’m just telling the truth!! Thank you again for letting me guest post! Let me know if you’d like to bring your writing talent over and guest write for mine! I’d love to host one of your posts!

      Wow that’s pretty cool! That’s probably the most a post of mine has ever gotten! Crazy!!

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      1. Thanks! I would love to write a guest post for your blog! I’m working on a “Japan & Jesus” post, but it may take a few more days before it’s ready…
        You deserve the likes!

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    1. What?! Seriously? You’re joking. Is it like early morning over in Tokyo and you haven’t had your french press yet and you didn’t mean to type that? Haha, that is cool!

      You know, I will probably never meet the people who read what I write until probably Heaven, but it’s super cool to think that one day when we are hone with Jesus you or I might be introduced to someone by Jesus and he says, ‘I used your words to really change their life and heart without me.’ Maybe that’s a delusion of grandeur, but who knows! God can do anything!

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    1. Deal, I’ll meet you there! 😉 and agreed, I’ve thought about that a lot. Especially considering how Jesus said he wouldn’t drink of the fruit of the vine until the Kingdom came. He obviously knows great wine then and he’s keeping from raising a glass until the return. He also knows what a great coffee is. I can’t wait to have him make us a cup! It will be the best!!


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