Sorry for being out for a couple days on the posts guys. It’s been pretty busy in my world with work and family life. And tonight I’m leaving, spiritually that is, to go on my sabbath. I need it! So I’m going to hop off WordPress for a day because I know my heart, and I know I can totally turn something like WP into an idol in my heart if I don’t forcefully turn my heart’s posture toward Jesus. Which is what tomorrow is about! And then I’ll plan to be back on Sunday.

Also, no baby update yet! We thought maybe her water had broken yesterday, but we did a home test to determine if it had and no it wasn’t water breaking. Which has been the spin of the last week for us, moments of, “Yes this is it!” and then, “Oh…ok, I guess it wasn’t it.” Which is considerably more draining on my bride because she has to live with an 8 lb baby chilling inside her and do the contractions that just fade out after an hour or so. I would definitely appreciate your prayers for her comfort and for quick labor. God has made it clear to her that he will bring our daughter, Sophie, along in his timing. Which has been really good and healing for my wife’s heart and relationship with Jesus. So it’s working out and going well, but at the same time, we’re ready to meet her!!

Hope everyone is drinking some great coffee this weekend! Sophie’s arrival withstanding, I’m planning to Aeropress some Honduras coffee in the morning. Yum! Even more importantly, I hope everyone is getting some great time with Jesus, some good one on one time with him, for worship, for feeding yourself spiritually through the Word. I’ll be praying over everyone on here to just be blessed with his presence (what’s better than that anyway, right?!) And if anyone has prayer requests, comment those and I’d love to pray with you! Seriously.

God bless and sweet dreams! (unless you live in the eastern hemisphere which I know is several of my favorite people to discuss stuff with on here, Pete and Lene, and then I say good afternoon to you!)


13 thoughts on “Sabbath!

  1. In our prayers! Don’t talk about the news aloud or watch it on TV. The liddle kiddo is also listening and clings on to his know safe place. Scared to enter this world. 😂

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      1. Doing better, thanks, had another dizzy spell yesterday morning and decided to go walkabout, even had a good sunset. Made a post on that. And coffee. Good coffee. I want to adopt my new doctor, a young Muslim girl. She said I can drink coffee, as much as I like, as long as we stick to Arabica medium roast. When is “Mahembe showing up?

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      2. I need to read it! I’m a little behind the times today. Haha! Well Mahembe isn’t here yet, idk, hopefully soon! I’m ready, and I know my wife is ready!

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  2. HI Joel,
    Not sure if status with the little baby girl has changed, but I wanted to say thank you for writing “the pursuit” for Song of Virginity and just whisper in your ear that it’s a great post, liked by many and there are quite a few comments you might want to stop by and reply to if you can find the time… Many Blessings to you and your family.
    Love in Jesus,

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    1. Hey Lene! Thank you so much sister! I just got back on, I got so much needed rest with God the past day. No change yet! My poor wife is ready to be done! But she’s doing great and still served in kids ministry today. I will definitely be on responding! I’m so glad it got good feedback. Hey I think youe blog is really great so I’m blessed that I was able to contribute. Many blessngs to you and your family!! Hope you and your family had a great weekend!
      Love in Jesus,

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      1. Thank you! I just let her get in a 3 hour nap 🙂 so she let me have a few minutes to write! I’ll let you know once Miss Sophie arrives! God bless!
        Love in Him,

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      1. 😉 When a man states that a woman isn’t someone to be worshipped nor own, but to be respected and treated as an equal partner in life (whether as wife or friend) then Hallelujah!!
        Your wrote a great post.

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  3. When they take the most rickety chair in the house and put it right at the edge of the most rickety table, too far from the pelmet and then start cleaning behind the curtains up there, then you KNOW IT IS ANY MOMENT NOW!! LOL 😀

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