When will S be here?!

Let me set the stage…we are almost 39 weeks pregnant. My wifey has been having stop and go contractions for hours and then stopping for hours. for days now (way past Braxton Hicks). We are having a beautiful girl and we already have two other wonderful kids. And we are having a home birth, going natural…and our midwife thinks S is already 8 lbs! *Gasp!*

So last night my wife and I are hanging out at the kitchen counter, talking, about birth and whatnot.

“So I was talking with God yesterday and told him I feel like I’m being faithful in what I need to do to bring S along. I’m drinking my raspberry leaf tea, I’m walking a lot, we’re *ahem, doing marital things* to help kickstart labor. I’m doing everything else. And then God said to me, lovingly but also amusingly, ‘I think it’s funny that you think you have control over this situation. I’ll bring her along in my timing.'”

“Yeah, babe, that’s right. You’re right,” I say, nodding.

“But I just want to be doing everything “earth-side” that I can to get S here. But I guess maybe God has his own timetable.”

“Agreed.” And we both just nodded at each other.

Having a baby and the birthing process is a journey with God. From my side, I can’t do much. Right? Like I’m not carrying S. I’m not the one getting woken up by here in the middle of the night because S lives inside my body like an X-Files episode. But I am on her team. A very select team. One that includes her, me, our midwife, and Jesus as our Team Lead. It’s personal, oh so personal. It’s the third time we’ve done this and you know, it just might not be our last. (Plus we are currently on the wait list to adopt! And we’d totally take a child in if we got the call today!)

Here’s hoping we have a firecracker weekend baby! But whenever the date, she will be here when God says, “Let’s go!”

But if we look forward to something we don’t yet have, we must wait patiently and confidently – Romans 8:25

Hopefully I’ll be writing our birth story post soon! God bless and happy day to you all!


14 thoughts on “When will S be here?!

      1. That is a very encouraging word from Holy Spirit! I’m there too. Well the waiting part. I feel very excited, like a child about to open a piñata even though I’ve been waiting for so long. 🙌🏽

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      2. Good! 🙂 The Spirit has definitely been leading us. Haha! I like that…a child waiting to open a pinata. We are almost 40 weeks and our other babies were born at 38 weeks, so we’re just waiting on Jesus! I feel for my wife though, because she is the one walking through this, but I can tell also that God is doing a lot of work on her heart and mind through the process, so there’s good renewal through the Spirit going on.

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      3. Haha! No you got it right the first time, “advance” 🙂 I’m a student of language too and by judging from your English your second language fluency is MUCH better than my second language!

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      4. Thank you so much!🙌🏽 so “advance” it is haha. My husband speaks english so I stretch myself and write in both languages. I know only practice makes perfect. But it is a challenge sometimes.

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      5. That’s really cool! I had a friend (from US) who his wife was from China and they just speak Mandarin in their house. It’s a challenge. I’m learning Hebrew and Greek and it’s tough, so much practice!!

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