With Love, In Christ

Romans 16:16 – all the churches of Christ send their greetings ๐Ÿ™‚

I love blogging because I get to parcel off a piece of my thoughts and heart and share it with others, with other children of God. I love the giving-of-yourself aspect of blogging. It’s personal, right? It’s a method of communion of the body of Christ, through sharing thoughts, hopes, hearts and dreams.

Maybe that’s a bit lofty, but when I search my heart that’s probably the foundational reason why I am writing here. I enjoy sharing. Which is a very true way we all image our God. Is not the triune God one who shares and gives freely within himself, in love, for God who is love? I love doing that. It’s good, as Genesis 1 would say!

One thing I wanted to share is my love of studying biblical languages…geeky right? In my free time I have my head in my Hebrew Bible or my Koine Greek textbook. I don’t even study it for school, it’s literally, only because I love it. It’s crazy working in time to learn it with the good responsibilities and roles God has blessed me with, but I make it a priority because it is essential to the restoration of my heart.

God is dedicated to the restoration of our hearts as his lovers, his beloved. What makes you come alive? God wants to meet you there? As geeky as it sounds, God meets me in the thrill of learning verb conjugates for ancient Hebrew. Where does God want to meet you, maybe in places and loves you’ve hidden away in the attic of your heart? Maybe today is to ask him, do I go upstairs and blow the dust off and meet you in the place I’ce been longing to be at?

This goes past the whole modern change and redemptive movement that so many churches focus on. This about us being restored as eternal beings in things we were created to be and to do. Eccleasiastes 3:11, God has set eternity in the hearts of mankind….some of those deep stories and passions in our hearts are actually whispers on the wind of our eternal home with Jesus, love notes from God reminding us who we really are, not defined by the world or ourselves. Sometimes pursuing God in those things helps make us more into who we were created by him to be in Eden. And making time is essential for those things…it can be worship and it can restore us.

So what makes you come alive? I’d love to hear about it in your comments!

God bless and hope you have a wonderful Sunday with Jesus!

6 thoughts on “With Love, In Christ

  1. What makes me come alive is seeing even the smallest glimpse of Jesus working in my life, whether it’s a divine appointment or a supernatural healing. He is so incredibly amazing! Thank you for sharing in this piece!

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    1. Love that! Amen, I love seeing him working in all the parts of our lives.

      Thank you so much Missy for reading some of my old blogs! Hope you enjoy it!! Hope you have a blessed day!

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