Close to him


It’s Friday night. The week is over. My sabbath is here. It’s time for rest. So I have this ritual every Friday evening. I go into the library at the house and I sit in the bay window and just decompress. I sit on my bare feet in front of God and love on him. It’s that moment of, just breathe, let it out, it’s done…for now.

I love that time of closeness to him. Where I feel exposed to Jesus, the Lover of my soul. When I am his and he is mine and I can just be in front of him, enjoying him without anything else. I read and listen to a lot of John Eldredge. If I had a mentor, it would be him. I’ve heard him say many times, we were made for Eden. We were made for beauty. Scenes of just loveliness you were made to be in every day, in rapturous joy with Jesus present. You might know what I’m talking about…maybe at the office you see a coworker that has a calendar with some exotic beach hanging over her desk. A reminder of Eden, of where we came from. This isn’t real life. This is exile. Or as Peter said,

Dear friends, I urge you, as foreigners and exiles, to abstain from sinful desires, which wage war against your soul. – 1 Pe 2:11

Think about it…the most, best fulfilling picture of yourself you can conjure up…maybe you plus 10 other close, intimate friends, sitting on a beach around a bonfire on an island that you rule. Your body is perfected in every way you have ever wished or perhaps shuddered at, the weather is gorgeous, there is no pain in your heart or sickness in your body, you don’t even know what pain is. You live your life in complete communion with those around you and in the physical presence of the Son himself in the most gorgeous places on earth…that’s what you were originally created for…how far we have fallen!

Now I don’t want to cast off everything in the world at hand. There are many wonderful things in this world, a new baby, a marriage beginning, Christmases and family dinners and the Rocky Mountains at wintertime. But…but, nothing here can fill that ache in our hearts that we just keep trying to fill. It can only be filled in by the Romancer of our hearts, God himself. He is wildly pursuing you, even in the mundane, rote work of your wee. Even in the joyful moments of life. In sabbath and in work, in love and loss, he is pursuing you wildly.

One of the most beautiful places to me is the desert. Especially by a beach. With mountains. And palm trees. How lovely! What sparks your heart? What reminds you of Eden? Of where you were made to worship God and love others? 1 Corinthians 2:9 says, whatever it is, you can’t outdream God…he’s going to blow your mind when you, his beloved, comes home to him.

What no eye has seen,
    what no ear has heard,
and what no human mind has conceived
    the things God has prepared for those who love him

So tonight I want to give you some encouragement. If you’re tired from the week, feeling run down, maybe stuck in that mundane, remember YOU are the treasure to our Jesus, to the Son of God himself. He is wildly pursuing you. And just as Jesus said to the thief on the cross who humbled himself to God, one day we will be with him in paradise as we were created to be.

God bless sisters and brothers. I hope you have a blessed evening (or day) in his presence. 🙂



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